Monday, 2 May 2011

Party, party, party and party....Cake, cake, cake and cake....My 70th birthday seemed to have elastic sides when it came to celebrating and cakes!

My sister made my rich fruit birthday cake as part of my birthday present (she is taking me on a special outing with the Sashas in tow later on in the Summer when I am hopefully more recovered from my recent surgery to enjoy it better.)
So following our late mother's tradition she made two cakes (just in case one turned out not to be not as moist and rich as we are accustomed) and allowing for the fact that we are a very large family in numbers when it comes to giving a piece to everyone.

My first cake (in pale pink) served with Champagne on Thursday, the actual birthday, April the 7th after our vist to Crew Hall for the Afternoon Tea with my immediate family in my home.

My second cake on the Friday (in a darker pink!) for more yet family and friends.

Only in this instance she decided to make THREE cakes when she realised that the celebrations were going to be going on for three days and that I was wanting to give/send some to my special friends as well.
(Mind you we weren't planning to decorate ALL three at the time, that just seemed to happen.)
Saturday's cake (this time in red) again for a few more of my family and friends who couldn't make it on the Thursday or Friday due to work commitments. (The accompanying Sasha is wearing a very daintily smocked dress by Jill Mackley.)

....And surprise, surprise! A FOURTH cake given to me by Sarah Price when my daughter took me down to visit her in Cheltenham on the Sunday. Many thanks Sarah and Rosie Shortell for giving me such another wonderful day.


  1. Like all the hair adverts say "Because you're worth it".
    And you are dear friend.
    Love Sarah and Cleo xx

  2. Goodness me, how many cakes can one person eat? They all look very lovely!