Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Couple more Winter Changes.

My very first 1960s slate eyed now wigged Gotz waif in my very first vintage-sasha coat, seen here over NGould jeans and Ruthsdolls shoes.

Trendon early sexed baby girl re-rooted by Lisa Hartley and wearing one of the only remaining examples of my knitting for my daughter's 'slightly smaller in size' Tumbelina doll in the late 60s.

Another Trendon baby girl Sasha but this time wearing a wig due to falling hair looking delightfully cosy in her little Sashawardrobe fleece jacket and matching coloured manufactured tights from The Doll Works.

Frido Single Fringe Dungaree girl seen here in a Sashadollstyle prettily coloured Winter outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yet more Winter changes.

Gotz 1990s Leon doll customised by Shelly into Leonie and seen here in one of vintage-sasha's first little coats worn over her linen dungarees and with footwear by Ruthsdolls.

My 1969 FCP with absolutely no fringe Dungaree girl in a Sashadollstyle outfit , Sasha Secret tights and Ruthsdolls boots.

A 1966 Developmental Jeans girl in a Doll Works jacket, vintage-sasha denim trousers and JJ snow boots.

1960s Gotz slate eyed pony tailed girl in a vintage -sasha coat and trouser set with JJ boots.