Friday, 3 December 2010

At long last another outfit for my Studio Doll so that I can now play 'redressing' her.

I have always wanted a Studio Doll with plaited hair and always very partial to the Farmchild outfit so I was delighted when I was able to buy both together as seen here.

Then came the time that I was wishing that I could play and change her clothing occasionally so I was thrilled when I saw lovely some reproduction clothing made by Thu Cuc Faes for sale on so I chose two outfits, an Autumn/ Winter seen here and one for the Spring/Summer in a lilac gingham to be listed later.
Here she is first in her 'all in one' undergarmenbt with picot trim.

This is a beige, as I thought that it complimented her overall colouring, fine cord dress in Sasha Morgenthaler's now famous high yoked smock style with matching shorts/pants and white Peter Pan collar.

...And hand knitted white cotton socks.

...And real leather fisherman's sandals in brown.

...and as a finishing touch some brown hair ribbons to complete the look.

Monday, 29 November 2010

New leggings arrive from Dollydoodles.

This little 1970 Trendon wigged doll has chosen navy blue leggings to go with her Dollydoodle lilac/white spot Hoodie and purple UGG boots.

Whilst her Trendon 1969 friend wanted some black leggings with her Dollydoodle red hoodie and Ruthsdolls jumper and boots.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Xmas outing part one.

Amy gets to have a quick ride on Mary's Donkey.

Whilst Jac, Ross and Scary try a go on one of the Wise Men's Camels.

Jac and Ross seen here strolling through a Winter forest.

...And Scary tells Father Christmas what he would really like for a present.

Amy admiring a little lit up model of a house.

...and then is seen here with one of the lit up Reindeers.

...and Ross with another.

And finally Jac with one.

Jac admiring the very impressive large lit up Snowman.

These next three photos of Amy, Jac and Ross on this lit sleigh pulled by Rendeers are my favourite photos of this visit.I would have liked to have bought this item as it is a perfect size for them and would fit nicely on the lounge bay window ledge ....but then there is the problem of the storage for the rest of the time and the garage is already full to bursting.

Amber enjoying time with these Reindeers.