Saturday, 10 October 2009

Guess where we have been?

Yes! A 'conkering.'

We are very lucky as we have our very own Horse Chestnut Tree.
Throw them down and I'll try to catch and put them in the wagon.

Help! I think I'm stuck!

Look, we must have collected at least four wagon loads!

Conkers are protected by these hard shells until they are ripe, then they split into three parts to let the seed out just as this one is about to do.

The shells are covered in sharp spikes to stop animals from eating them whilst they are ripening.


See, these shells have now split because the conkers are ripe.

Look! I'm lying in a bed of beautiful shiny conkers! Oooh, just lov-e-ly!

Friday, 9 October 2009


We are family.

Almost identical eye painting and probably my favourite of all the eye styles.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Off Sasha Brood topic.My unusual birthday present from my daughter.

As you have seen from my Sasha Doll collection I tend to prefer to go for the different, unusual, unique and OOAK dolls and outfits and this vein continues into my life as well SO you can imagine how delighted I was with my daughter's last birthday present to me.
She had a Sussex Polo Club Ground named after me.
Here are directions as to how to get to the Polo Club and showing my name on one of their grounds.
I'm a delighted and very proud mother.

Photo of my daughter (second in on the left in the orange hat) just before starting her match playing in The Wild Things Polo Team on MY ground!

My daughter, Chon, in action on one of her Polo ponies, Naranja.

Ross playing at being Jack and the Beanstalk.

Each year I plant some Runner Beans in my containers as I like to pick and eat them when they are small and tender, rather than buy them from the shops when they are larger and tough and sometimes stringy.

I was about to cut down the bean stalks now that the Runner Bean season is at an end when Ross asked if he could have a go at climbing it like Jack did in the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk.

Am I half way up yet? It's quite hard going with all these stems and leaves getting in the way.

How high up am I? Am I nearly at the top yet?