Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Sasha Babies visit a local childrens playground.

We here in the UK are enjoying a truly lovely start to the Autumn so I decided to take all twenty-one of my Sasha babies (one is unfortunately away having his hair tamed) to the local park and childrens playground.
All in together now!

Don't lean over the sides or you'll fall off!

Are you ready for me to start you off? Now, no swinging too high.

Are you holding onto each other tightly?

Four on the upward climb to the slide.

You'll not squeeze through that small gap. You'll get stuck.

You won't get through there. Come on down.

Alberto, don't push them round too fast. Anis, you can't ride your tike on there when it's going round.

Mind you don't fall!

Just be careful! Now don't climb any higher!

Feeling a little lost and bewildered.

Much more confident now!

Friday, 25 September 2009

A surprise present for us arrived the other day.

These unusual and unique three minature photograph albums were made especially for us by Rosie Shortell and Sarah Price. They are attractively bound in a famous William Morris print, Strawberryfields, and come with a matching storage box. Aren't they just wonderful?

When we opened them we couldn't believe our eyes as they are filled with tiny replica prints of our mummy's Blogspot photos of us.

Aunties Rosie and Sarah, we are all so thrilled with these and can't stop looking through them. A million/trillion Sasha thanks.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

A wild flower meadow visit.

I took a few of my girls, who haven't got long flowing locks that might catch the wind and blow across their faces just as I'm clicking the camera button, to a wild flower meadow.

Hooray for our wild flowers!