Saturday, 26 March 2011

I'm afraid that I have rather neglected the blog over the last two days.

My once MIB 1960s slate eyed Gotz doll in a striking Pinestreetstudio outfit and commercially maunfactured socks and shoes.

1967 Ballet NP in a Jill Mackley OOAK gingerbread man dress with manufactured shoes and socks.

1960s Gotz pony tailed slate eyed girl in a Ruthsdoll's limited edition outfit.

1990s Gotz Leon customised by Shelly into Leonie wearing a Sashawardrobe studio style dress.

Trendon 1970s little black baby seen here wearing a OOAK Romper suit given to me by Ruth Hartley.(She really needs her hair brushing but I have misplaced the special Sasha hairbrush when tidying up before going into hospital and haven't seen it since.)

Chon, my 1967 NP waif wearing a Ruthsdolls smocked dress and JJ sandals and manufactured socks. (She should be wearing her Joyce Jordan hand knitted pale blue socks but they are out of sight at the moment.)

Shelly gave me this gorgeous little baby walker for Christmas but with having such an extended and busy time afterwards followed by preparing to go into hospital I am only getting the time to photograph and list this now. Many, many thanks Shelly. I am 'thrilled to bits' with it.

Many, many thanks Shelly. This little 'customised by you' later Trendon baby is thoroughly enjoying herself moving around in it whilst playing with her Christmas traction car.

She is wearing a later 1990s Gotz navy jumper from Max's outfit under Ruthsdoll's floral dungarees customised especially for me.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

No overall theme just 'Bits and Bobs' ...especially for Ted''s next coffee break.

Large headed 1960s yellow eyed with lashes Gotz girl in a brushed cotton Karensyarn smock style dress, that I think so suits her colouring. (Have removed her navy tights due to the recent warmer weather.) JJ shoes and commercially made socks.

1972 White Knit minty Cora seen here in a pinafore by Molly, a long sleeved jumper by Phyllis G. from the US and commercially manufactured shoes and socks. A Robbin Atwell Butterfly slide.

1966 Frido NP with OOAK dramatic eyes painted by a Manchester Art student for Frido seen here in a Dollydoodlle Hoodie and leggings with a Ruthsdolls gilet over the top and commercially manufactured converses.

Quirky, a 1969/70 Frido baby Woolly with his quirky eyebrow (hence his name) deciding to have a play and bounce on his space hopper, 'Hoppity.' He is wearing a little outfit by sasha*smiles.

Right, I'm going to stand you upright before I try to get up.

I'm now hopefully sitting comfortable and ready to start bouncing.

Just a little kiss to say thank you for playing with me.

Isn't life just wonderful!

1969/1970 minty Trendon baby Woolly (just noticed that he even has his gold printed tag still on him) getting his wooden trike out ready to have a little ride around.

This is great! It's just the perfect size for me. He iswearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls out with the Laura Ashley materials supplied by me.

Look! I can even ride sitting backwards! 'Oh, please be careful.'

I just love my Trike!

Isn't life good for us babies?