Saturday, 14 August 2010

One of my niece's 19th birthday cake.

Over the years my sister and I have decorated MANY family birthday cakes trying to personalise them especially to the recepient.

Unfortunately not quite enough 'puff' here to blow out all 19 at once!

Another absolutely delightful outfit arrives as a gift from Uncle Steve.

Uncle Steve had this gorgeously cosy outfit arrive on one of his latest dolls and we so loved it that he sent it on to us as surprise. Many, many thanks. Aren't we the lucky ones?

Just had to be worn by a blue eyed girl!

...and looks just as fabulous without the hat.

Still not sure as yet just who made this warm and 'extremely snuggly' outfit.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Third time lucky?

This is the THIRD time that I have bought this American Girl Dungaree outfit (having sold the first two on again.) I love seeing this oversized look on other collector's dolls but not so much on mine.
However my Sasha tastes are changing yet again so am giving it a third time try. The large stripped shirt was definitely a 'no-no.'
....and still not sure about the cap.

Close up of the Dollydoodle grey marl T shirt.

New arrives dress for Holly.

A delightful little Scottie Dog dress set made by Thelma of Molly/sasha-dolls-boutique arrives especially bought for Holly who since coming to live with us last week has had to be borrowing clothes from the others. Tangerine JJ sandals.

You can choose which of these sandal colours to wear with your new dress. Tangerine to co-ordinate with the material print or the yellow to match the collar and sleeve trim. I think that this style really suits you and makes you look very pretty and dainty. Thank you Thelma.

Your hair ribbon looks great tied this way on your bobbed hair style.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Please can you help me? Should I wear the lilac or dusky-pink shoes?

Thank you Uncle Steve for sending me this gorgeous little dress.I just adore it but can't make up my mind which shoes to wear with it as both seem to enhance the material in different ways.





Finally! I've managed to buy one of Shelly's/Alison's customised dolls for my collection.

'In the Pink!'

Latest eBay win from Pinestreetstudios entitled 'Strawberries and Cream.'

This outfit seems to be popular as quite a few of the Sashas are wanting to 'try it on.'

Another of Ted Menten's delightful wigs.

This wig is a short fringed centre part with waist length curls made from modacrylic fibres set into a wig cap edged with elastic for a snug fit onto a bald headed Sasha. There are multiply shades of colour to give it a natural sunstreaked look and it can be brushed and combed without fear of damage. Ted also informs me that it can be styled straighter to give it a more childlike modern look and which I shall look forward to trying in the near future.