Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Some of my Christmas Gifts from my Sasha Friends.

(Shall be continuing this after my daughter has left here to go back home as not seeing her that often {due to the fact that she lives down in the south of the UK} I'm enjoying spending the time with her.)
A very pretty little Vintage Sasha coat set from my friend Steve modelled here on a lovely wide faced Trendon 1969/70 girl.

Trying on my commercially made matching coloured shoes and Dayzees socks.

I am planning to find one of my pink coloured JJ sandals from my summer shoes box in the next day or two as I feel sure that that particular pair is made in an identical colour.

Seen here with superb handknitted ribbed socks by and from Ruth Hartley.

Also planning to try it with some white tights.

Not sure just what I have done to deserve this but also had this wonderful studio style length Sashawardrobe smocked dress from Steve too, seen here on my first, and still one of my favourite 1960s Gotz slate eyed waif in a Peggy-Sue wig.

An absolutely delightful little tweed coat and hat plus footwear from Sarah W of Vintage Sasha seen here on my Frido 'somewhat minty' 1968/69 brunette Sasha.

Due to the melting, slushy snow underfoot I have swapped the dainty bar shoes for more sturdy Ruthsdoll's boots to prevent her from slipping or ruining them when she walks her Fox Terrier pet.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sasha-Noelle arrives here for Christmas, as a present 'from me to me!'

She is a 1966 Developemental Dungaree NP and is absolutely gorgeous. Aren't I a lucky girl?

Additional Tree Photos.

Tree lit up.

Tree without the sunlight shining on it and presents still intact.

Close up,of the tree baubles.

The dog's Christmas stockings.