Saturday, 29 January 2011

Even more facial close-up photos.

1970 Trendon Gregor customised by Shelly to become Jac wearing a Dollydoodle lime green T shirt.

1960s slate eyed pale skinned Gotz girl seen here in a Pinestreetstudio smart black/grey dress.

1970 brunette wide faced Trendon girl in a OOAK Ruthsdolls smocked dress.

Miss Minz, a 1960s slate eyed Gotz waif wearing a Dayzees black checked dress.

A Frido 1968/9 Single Fringe girl in a OOAK Jill Mackley smocked checked dress.

A Trendon 1972 doll customised by Shelly with lovely eye painting and a discontinued Global Cossette wig and wearing another Ruthsdolls OOOAK smocked dress.

A 1969/70 Frido wigged waif (one of my favourite dolls) in Dollydoodle leisure wear.

Ross, a 1969 Frido Gregor seen here sporting Dollydoodle's leisure wear.

Belle, Trendon 1970 doll customised by Shelly with an attractive Mabelle Lucy Atwell look wearing a Ruthsdolls OOAK front opening smocked dress.

A Trendon baby Nightdress wearing a very finely knitted hoodied jacket.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Yet more of my favourite Sasha Dolls facial photos.

My very first No-Navel doll having not cared for them until quite recently. She has the 1969 eye style painting and has quickly moved into 'my favourites' category. She is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls smocked dress.

1970 very minty doll Trendon Gingham girl again wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls brushed cotton smocked dress.

1970/1 wide faced doll seen here in a Sashadollstyle duffle outfit.

Tredon baby Nightdress with absolutely gorgeous eyes wearing a beautifully knitted outfit by Kate Smith.

A very pretty 1966/67 Jeans or Blue Cord NP with the right arched eyebrow in a OOAK Ruthsdolls smocked dress.

Trendon baby Nightdress with pretty eye painting in a little Sashawardrobe knitted double breasted jacket.

Same baby as before with his hood up.

Another of my favourite dolls. A Frido NP waif with very modernly styled bobbed hair seen here wearing a Ruthsdolls OOAK smocked checked open fronted dress.

Same doll as above in a Postiesbabe's knitted tunic and beanie hat.

And finally wearing a very attractive Christine Durand knitted Ski jacket and ear flap hat.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

More of my favourite close-up facial photos.

1960s slate eyed, bobbed haired Gotz waif, Holly, in a fake fur jacket won off eBay..

1960s slate eyed blonde ponytailed Gotz doll seen here in a Vintage-Sasha tweed coat that enhances her colouring.

Trendon baby re-rooted by Lisa Hartley in a knitted Sashadollstyle all in one suit.

1966,Frido doll one of the first of the dolls to leave the Stockport factory seen here in a Doll Works knitted fur trimmed jacket.

1960s slate eyed waif in 'an enhancing to her hair colouring' Pinestreetstudio wool plaid jacket.

My first slate eyed Gotz waif wearing a light ginger Peggy-Sue wig and a fine cord Vintage-Sasha coat.

1969 brunette Frido Party girl waif who due to falling hair now sports a discontinued Global Cosette wig and a deightful little pink tweed Vintage-Sasha coat.

A really pretty 1970 Trendon blonde Gingham girl ready for some sking in a Kate Smith beautifully knitted Nordic jumper underneath a padded gilet.

1960s slate eyed Gotz ponytailed girl again ready for sking in another Kate Smith attractively knitted Nordic sweater and Ruthsdolls beret.

1967 Frido NP with a slightly shorter hair style in a cosy fleece ski jumper,

Some of my favourite facial photos.

1960s No-navel crude eyed Gotz girl sporting a Pinestreetstudio outfit. One of my favourite of my Gotz dolls.

Frido 1969 wide faced Gingham girl wearing a Doll Works coat and Pinestreetstudio beret.

1967 Frido Ballet NP seen here in a Sashadollstyle duffle outfit.

1966 Frido NP waif that is named Chon after my daughter as she looks so like her. Here she has on another Sashadollstyle duffle coat outfit but this time in blue tones and bringing out the colour of her eyes.

1966/7 Dungaree NP looking delightful here in a Betsy-May Vyiella tartan dress.

This was my one and only minty boxed 1960s Gotz doll warmly wrapped up in a Pinestreetstudio jumper, scarf and skirt outfit. Just love her 'sulky' look.

One of the first of the Frido/Trendon babies, manufactured in 1969 ready for the 1970 market. Notice his one 'quirky' eyebrow peeping out from his Sashawardrobe red fleece jacket hood.

A minty 1970 Gotz No-Navel in a beautiful hooded coat by Vintage-Sasha that so suits her colouring.

1966 NP waif, Chon, seen here again during the summer months in a Dollydoodle blue stripped T-shirt that really enhances her eyes.

Another of my favourite 1960 Gotz dolls. She is a large headed yellow eyed girl wearing a Karensyarn brushed cotton checked dress.