Thursday, 4 February 2010

A doll plus a prop.

One of the babies playing with the Etch-a-Sketch, a shared Christmas present.

Ross showing one of the girls his Shropshire rock and mineral collection.(Hope that she was suitably impressed!)

Toddler Bea enjoying playing Sasha Morganthaler's Tier-Quartett game.

Quick visit up to the North again.

While Sasha went in to see one of our mummy's nieces attending Lancaster University....

We drove into Liverpool. I quickly jumped out of the car when I saw this impressive Beatle Graffiti and being a great fan of theirs and 'The Rock and Roll Era,' I asked to have my photo taken (though unfortunately you have to look really hard to see me!)

How tall are you? I'm only little and measure 16".

Great line up! I LOVE your music.

We're keeping our eyes on you.....!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

In the PINK! Dollydoodle Sasha baby sleepsuits.

Heralding the Dollydoodle Sasha baby sleepsuits that are about to be launched onto the marketplace very soon now.
Baby pink with a decorative diagonal lettuce frill from top to toe and a little beanie style pull-on hat.

White with decorative pink spot panels and a Jester style pom-pom pull-on hat.


Monday, 1 February 2010

The snow was still here this morning!

This snowsuit makes an excellent camourflage for stalking our garden Mr.Robin in the snow.

Right! 'Gotcha' this time!

Looking back at my tracks with no falls in evidence I reckon that I'm getting the hang of this snowboarding now.

Can you give me a BIG push to start me off?

Gosh! I'm fair WHIZZING down! Hope that I'll beable to stop at the bottom.

Let's try to make a bigger snowman than yesterdays. I'll make the body.

...and you roll the head.

Help somebody! I can't get down. Naughty Ross has left me up here on top of the snowball.

Right! That's YOU on the sledge now BUT you look more like a White Barn Owl than a snowman.

You sit there and guard 'Owlie' whilst I go and find the boys.

Ross, can you come over here and help pull 'Owlie' on the sledge.

Right stay steady as we are moving you to a safer place where you're less likely to melt so quickly.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

We had an unexpected fall of snow last night.

Instead of jumping for joy at this unexpected fall of snow..... LOOK I'm standing on my head IN the snow!

I just love crawling through the snow before it begins to melt and gets too slushy and wet.

I think that these leaves smell just like lemons!

So this is the thing they call snow!

Can you still spot me as this snowsuit is like a camouflage in this snow?

Let me put your new snowsuit on then you can sit outside and look at the snow. Stay in the carrier and you'll stay safe and dry.

My very first view of snow! It looks exciting!

Hurry Fritz, go and get your snowboard out!

Look Sasha! You stand and balance on it sideways like this!

Just practising my snowboard balancing before I begin!

Tabitha will you make me and doggy a little snowman to play with?

Right but I'll put the playpen out in the snow and you'll have to go in there while I make you one as I can't do that AND keep an eye on you crawling around at the same time.

Is he nearly finished as I want to get out now, doggy and I are getting bored in here.

I'll just put this scarf on you to keep you warmer.

Can I have my photo taken by your cute snowman?

Tabitha's finished snowman.

Hello MY Mr.Snowman.

Doggy and I just love you.