Sunday, 1 May 2011

Back to Easter and Easter Eggs.

Some of my dear little tots enjoying the hundreds of tiny little Easter Eggs that Cleo, Sarah Price's daughter sent them. A big thank you and hug from my Sasha baby brood.
First seen playing with them is an early Trendon baby girl that has since been wigged due to falling hair wearing a sasha*smiles floral dress and shorts.

Next is another early sexed Trendon baby with lovely dark eyes but this time re-rooted by Lisa Hartley due to falling hair, again in a similar outfit by sasha*smiles.

A Trendon baby boy just enjoying sitting amongst the tiny eggs. He is wearing an alpahbet romper suit by the Doll Works.

This is another Trendon baby girl re-rooted in auburn this time by Lisa and in the third sasha*smiles dress and shorts.

It just looks as though you have got your cycle helmet on especially with your Alice headband.


  1. Lovely fun pictures Kendal, thank you for sharing.


  2. Love the pictures! <3

    So glad your little ones liked the tiny mini eggs :)

    Lots of love from,

    Cleo. Xxx

  3. I particularly liked the pic of the Lisa Hartley brunette re-root and love these pics full stop.
    I think the re-root babes are just adoptable!
    So you know who to ask when you consider their behaviour isnt good enough for you!! xx