Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dollydoodle outfit especially chosen for Fritz.

Well! 'Did you ever!' Fritz you look just great. It so suits you!

Love the contrast of the black beanie against your blonde hair.

My girls are really going to fall for you.

Izzy tries on Mia's leisure wear.

Izzie, my 1967 re-rooted by Lisa Hartley NP gets to try on Mia's Dollydoodle leisure wear as we all agreed that that pink wasn't quite her colour with her flamey red hair.

Oh, now I think that you look just gorgeous in this....which just goes to show that certain outfits suit some dolls much more than others.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

'Up Close and Personal!'

1971 Trendon Gingham girl. A popular favourite of visiting friends wearing a Pinestreetstudio shorts and smock outfit.

1960s large headed Gotz yellow eyed without lashes seen here in a seersucker smocked dress by Jill Mackley..

1969 Frido Pink Party now wigged in a Global Cossette wig wearing a little Nadia Vasconi dress.

1971 full centre part Trendon Gingham in a smocked Ruthsdolls dress.

1967 Frido sidepart NP Gingham wearing a smart Pinestreetstudio dress and beret.

1967 Frido Dungaree NP in a Pinestreetstudio skirt and jumper.

Tabitha, a 1971 Trendon Gingham customised by Shelly wearing a Dollydoodle T shirt under a Ruthsdolls Hoodie..

1970s Trendon re-rooted by Alison and eyes customised by Shelly in a Pinestreetstudio sailor dress.

Holly, a 1960s Gotz waif looking very cute in a Molly, Sasha-Boutique, dress.

Sophie, a 1960s Gotz waif in a little pink dress seamstress unknown.

Another one off to the Gym in our Dollydoodle leisure wear.

I just love this 1960s pale skinned Gotz girl with her mohair re-root by Bettina.

I think that she had the old fashioned film star wind swept look about her.

I feel that the colour of this leisure wear outfit beautifully enhances the colour of her lips giving her a dramatic aura.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New Gotz waif finally making her debut after arriving here last week.

Several of you have emailed me asking when they were going to see my latest 1960s waif, Miannette, Mia for short, appear on the blog.

Unfortunately her original outfit was rather quickly 'zapped' off her to be sold on to help pay for the little mite so she was hanging around for a few days in the 'nuddy' patiently waiting for some suitable clothing to be found.

I have been told that Mia is a little 'minx' and comes from the same previous household as Fritz so have been warned to expect 'double-trouble' as they are both very mischevios charaters and like to join forces to play little tricks now and then, therefore for the moment they are being kept in rooms apart!

Personally I'm not sure that this trendy little Dollydoodle outfit is the 'perfect' colouring for her red hair but as she points out it does match her lip we are giving it a try for a few days to see.

A small debate has been going on to decide which converse colour, fushia or pink, enhances the outfit the best...though luckily a decision was reached by the end photo.... is the pink.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Heralding a new Hoodie and jogger range for Gregor from Dollydoodle,

I'm as excited with this range of sporty, trendy Dollydoodle clothing as my Gregors are. The joggers and Hoodies can be bought separately OR in OOAK or limited edition sets.
Look we're 'head over heels' or rather 'heels over head' with them!
Right, steady as you go. Get your balance.

That's it!

We are busily counting our pennies as we are definitely in need of MORE as my Gregor numbers have increased of late and looks like we might be adding one or two more in the future on account of this superb range of clothing.

Just up our street thank you Aunty Judith.

....and now for the new Sasha range of Dollydoodle leisure clothing.

We just ADORE hot pink! Here we see my little 1970-1 Trendon waif with her beginning to go green eyes and brows 'touched up' by Shelly wearing this WONDERFUL new sporty clothing.

Firstly came the delightful shorts and T shirt set.

Followed by the leggings as the weather turned cooler.

A Hoodie was added to the range to complete THE look. This hot pink look is so ME and one could almost say 'like mother, like daughter' as I daily live in leisure wear just like this for warmth, comfort and ease. I'm even thinking about asking Judith to make me a matching set!

This little top is going to be so versatile, doubling up as a flared summer top over shorts or leggings as intended or as seen here as a long sleeved T shirt under Uncle Steve's latest gift of some cotton dungarees or finally as very smart, cosy pajamas for the Winter nights.

Glad to see that you have found the early Gotz anorak that had gone missing.

So pleased to see that you have finally found this missing anorak as it colour co-ordinates well with your Dollydoodle outfit now that there is an autumn nip in the air although I'm afraid you won't be wearing your shorts (yes, I know how much you love them!) for much longer now.
My 1967 NP waif that so resembles my daughter.

My favourite Vintage Sasha style outfit on my two 1960s Gotz ponytailed girls.

To me this dungaree style by Sarah Williams of Vintage Sasha is the most PERFECT outfit for Sasha. The simply cut lines suit Sasha and Gregor to a 'T'. Neadless to say I have now SIX of these in various fabrics (cotton, denim and linen)and colours (these two plus bright pink to purple to Khaki to dark denim) and still can't get enough! I'd love, and plan, to gather them altogether, if only they would stand still for a moment, for a line up and photograph to show you.

I've eaten it all up now so can I get out?

I've just added this close up photo of my 1969/70 quirky eye-browned baby's chubby cheeks.

This is the first doll (a 1960s slate eyed waif) that I bought for wigging.
She arrived here with fringe cut to the core and the rest of her hair trimmed to a bob but I just loved her sweet happy face.

This little imp is a 1969 Frido baby produced ready for release in the 1970 market. He is a quirky eye browed tot with big brown matt eyes, unruly and completely uncontrollable hair and delightful chubby little cheeks.

They are wearing matching materialed outfits by Ruthsdolls and Sasha has a Monique Peggy-Sue 8-9 wig in ginger with blonded highlights.

The wooden highchair won off eBay some years ago is one of my favourite of my Sasha props.