Monday, 6 December 2010

I had a lovely little surprise from Ted Menten yesterday.

He had taken two of my studio doll photos from my blog and worked on them in Photoshop reducing the 'highlights' to give these photos below. How kind and thoughtful is that? Many thanks Ted as I know how long and time consuming things like this can be and I'm sure that he already has more than enough to do. It's the unexpected happenings like this that make my Sasha World so enjoyable.(I do actually have Photoshop on my computer but have yet to venture in there on my own (need someone to hold my hand) to learn some of the skills available, although it's on that 'to-do' list.)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My very first Gotz waif girl just popping in to say, 'Hello. Hope that you all have a good day.'

This little doll has always been one of my favourites as she looks super in the Monique Peggy-Sue wigs (of which I now have in several colours.) She made the front cover of the Sasha World one Spring standing in amongst some Daffodils.

Here she is wearing my very first Ruthsdoll's OOAK outfit. Originally it came with matching material shoes but is now more sensibly paired with some Ruthsdoll's suede boots due to the snowy weather.