Saturday, 15 January 2011

More big kids Winter clothing changes.

1967 NP (a sister to my 'bobbed haired girl) in a ski outfit given to me by Steve and seen here with some JJ snowboots.

One of my Sasha friend's favourite dolls from my collection in a beautifully knitted ski jumper by Kate Smith over Sashadollstyle cord trousers with a padded gillet and Ruthsdolls shoes.

My first No-navel doll. A 1969 girl,wearing a Sashadollstyle outfit and Ruthsdoll's distressed boots.

1960s Gotz slate eyed ponytailed doll wearing a Nordic ski jumper knitted by Kate Smith over 1990s Gotz ski pants and JJ snow boots and topped with a Ruthsdoll's beret.

1969 wigged Trendon Party girl in a vintage-sasha coat and manufactured tights and shoes.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Snow suited Sasha Babies.

Trendon baby girl re-rooted by Lisa Hartley in a Sashadollstyle knitted all in one snowsuit.

Trendon baby in a Dollydoodle Emmy snowsuit trimmed with fur.

My 1970 Baby 'Woolly' seen here warmly wrapped in a Dollydoodle Emmy Doll fake white fur snowsuit.

My Trendon green eyed baby in a Dollydoodle Emmy Doll Winter coat outfit.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Treated myself to a BIG Sasha Winter clothing change.

One of my favourite 1967 NPs with bobbed hair seen here wearing a hat and jacket beautifully knitted by Christine Durand over NGould jeans and Ruthsdoll's shoes.

1960s slate eyed Gotz waif doll, Holly, wearing a fake fur jacket (won off eBay) over Dollydoodles leggings and UGG boots.

1960s slate eyed Gotz girl modelling a Pinestreetstudio plaid wool jacket over Vintage Sasha trousers and Ruthsdoll's suede boots.

Trendon 1971 re-painted by Shelly doll wearing a Postiebabe eBay knitted coat over Sashadollstyle cord trousers and JJ boots.

Monday, 10 January 2011

There's something different about you today!

You certainly look a little different today although it can't be your Dollydoodle outfit as you were wearing that yesterday. Those UGG boots go really well with this outfit.

Oh, I know what it is, you've had your hair plaited. It really suits you and will be much tidier when you're out and about walking Foxy your dog.

That pretty little hair slide (anonther out of of Marion Fricker's gift set) certainly holds that drifting bit of hair off your face.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

1966 Developmental Christmas Doll trying on another dress.

Now getting a little Sasha playtime now after the Christmas Season has gone for another year.
Here is my latest Sasha, Noelle, admiring a bunch of the first of the Spring Daffodils that my sister bought me the other day.

She is seen here in a OOAK Ruthsdolls smocked dress and commercially made shoes and socks.

Her lovely little hairslide is from a set that Marion Fricker gave me last year.