Saturday, 20 February 2010

Two new props arrive!

A super little doll sized Beechwood Windsor styled chair.

I do wish that all you babies would all sit on the chairs properly and not keep standing up on them! One day you'll fall off and hurt yourselves and then you needn't come crying to me!

Right, WHO are you? What? A Steiff Cocker Spaniel?

Where did you come from? Off eBay? Where's that then?

Can I go and play now? I'm getting bored here trapped in your little clutches.

Just watching and waiting for you close your eyes...then I'll be off scampering away!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

More exquisite knitting by Christine Durand.

This Sasha is really loved and raved about by Sasha collectors who visit here so I thought that it was only fair that she gets first try on of this attractive outfit knitted by Christine Durand over jeans by Vintage-Sasha, Jean Jensen snow boots and a manufactured rucksack.

Just like Mummy's.

We found and have been using mummy's old childhood flower press but it was much too big so we now have this little minature one to use instead.

Our Auntie Sarah helped up to buy and write this card to our mummy to say thank you for all she does for us.

That was a really lovely thought and mummy was dead thrilled. Thank you very much Auntie Sarah.

The twins both wanted sailing boats for Christmas.

We are going to Llandudno in the summer to sail them on the boating lake on the West Shore. Our Mummy used to jog round this pool every day for eight years, come rain, hail or shine as she was at the boarding school there and so often played on the sea shore next to it instead of in the playground.

Gorgeous little hair slides from our Auntie Marion.

Thank you Auntie Marion for our super slides. They are just the right size for us.One of the BIG girls borrowed two of the white ones and now our mummy can't find where she has put them. Mummy says that she is a naughty girl.

Where did you get that hat?

A warm and festive ear flap cap beautifully knitted by Christine Durand that really suits this little tot. Many thanks Auntie Christine. I just love it.