Saturday, 2 July 2011

Two more of my Sasha Funday outfits.

In answer to one of the comments below about Luke's change of torso I am enclosing a photo of the chewed feet in case they are recogniseable as that of him previously being her doll.

Mustn't forget my boys! Here is Luke, a 1969 (wigged due to falling hair) Gregor, looking 'cool' in one of Dollydoodles latest Summer creations with commercially manufactured converses.

This lad has a bit of a history as his 'minty' head (although with falling hair) arrived with very chewed feet (I was aware of this before I bought him) so I eventually managed to get him a new NP torso and asked Brenda Walton to swap over the bodies.

One of Pinestreetstudio dresses being worn by an early 1960s large headed, yellow eye with lashes girl. JJ sandals compliment the outfit.

This doll has had her fringe re-rooted by Michael O Brian and was one of the girls shown on his set of close-up facial photographs.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

As I wasn't well enough to travel down to Dawn's Sasha Funday.........

I decided to treat myself to a little one on my own with my dolls to stem my disappointment. That week I planned some of my favourite extra special meals and bought a few new Sasha outfits and kept them unopened until THE day...and yes, I do/did have the will power!
This is one of the beautiful new outfits which my good friend, Jill Mackley, hastily raced against the clock to finish off and get into the post for me.

After my usual full English breakfast (my favourite meal of any day)I had a lovely long surprise phone call from another of my Sasha friends, who unfortunately at very the last minute didn't feel well enough to cope with her drive to the Dawn's in Northhampton.

Jill's dress is seen here on one of my special Frido NPs, a 1966/67 brunette Gingham girl with stunning eye painting.

Another outfit was this dear little dress so finely knitted in one ply cotton by 'Cuddylugs' (which I bought off Shelly's website.) I took a bit of a gamble here as usually I'm not one for frilly items on my Sashas but my once MIB 1969 quirky eyed baby girl looks totally adorable in it, don't you agree?

I thought that the little slide went perfectly with the dress colour although being so tiny they are a little fiddly to put in.

More photos of the new outfits to follow in a day or twos time.

My Gotz Waifs just love COLOURFULL clothing.

1960s Gotz waif, Holly, in a recently won off eBay dress and JJ sandals all ready with her bucket and spade for a visit to the seaside in late July/August.,

She is wearing the butterfly hairslide that Robyn Atwell from the US sent to us.

1960s Gotz waif, Miss Minxy, in a dress sent to me by Steve that one of his new dolls came in.
Seen here with some lovely colour co-ordinated Carnations given to me last week by one of my sister-in-laws.

I just loved this little dress whereas he wasn't so keen lucky me! Worn this Summer with commercially manufactured converses/sneakers instead of the usual pink UGG boots.

Really don't know why I bother putting a hair ribbon in to try to stop the hair falling in her face as just look at all those stray hairs again!

Hair ribbon already discarded.