Saturday, 28 November 2009

Just look what we've been given! It's exactly what we have been seaching for! Thanks a mill. Auntie Sarah.

....And as it says in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story...'it's just the right size!'

1973-5 minty White Suit baby wearing Sashawardrobe knitted jacket over Ruthsdolls dungarees.

Autumnal Clothing 12.

1967 NP wearing a Ruthsdolls dress and shoes and Doll Secret tights

1968 Gingham wearing a Ruthsdolls dress and pinafore, Doll Secret tights and manufactured shoes.

1967 NP about to set off for secondary school wearing a Ruthsdolls school outfit, Trendon tights and carrying a leather school bag made by Rosie Shortell.

1971 Gingham wearing a Ruthsdolls limited edition dress, Doll Works socks and JJ shoes.

Great excitment as a new curly wig arrives from Audrey's Dolls and is being worn at the moment by a 1969 Gregor wearing a Sashadollstyle outfit (previously shown) and Ruthsdolls shoes.
'How many times have I told you NOT to pull the sleeves down over your hands as it will stretch and spoil the jumper. Yes, I know that it is trendy/cool but if your hands are cold go and put a pair of mittens on.'

New Gotz boy Fritz (1960s slate eyed lad) trying on the Pinestreetstudio News boy's cap, coat and scarf over Vintage-Sasha jeans and JJ shoes.

This knitted by 'eBay ID Lemon' coat has now been 'adopted' by Tabitha (a 1971 Shelly customised doll) as she says that it matches her eye colour!

Up North again! Morecombe this time and yes, it's raining and blowing a gale force wind.

'Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside, we do like to be beside the sea!'
Here is the internationally famous Lancashire Midland Hotel. A Grade II listed building that has been recently and lovingly restored to it's former Art-Deco classic design, on Morecambe's North West Coast.

With it's unique, sleek and graceful curving lines and roof top terrace it boasts stunning views of the bay.

Sasha, stop trying to sneak in over the side fence. We know that you want to have a look at the Hotel's new refurbishments BUT you can use the main entrance.

'Can you feel me Mr.Morecambe leaning on your ankle as the wind is so strong and my stringing's rather loose that I think that I might be knocked over?'
(1967 Np re-rooted by Lisa Hartley and wearing Rosie Shortall's Guernsey Sweater over Pinestreetstudio skirt, a Phylis G. beret and Ruthdolls shoes.)

It's only ME Mr.Morecambe coming up close to say 'Hello, how are you?' My, you are lucky you can see such a lot from up here!'
(1960s slate eyed Gotz waif wearing a Vintage-Sasha outfit and Ruthsdolls boots.)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Autumnal Clothing 11.

This unusual little outfit by Sashadollstyle is a little out of my 'pastel colours comfort zone' for the Sasha babies but looks really cosy and trendy on my 1971 baby Nightdress!

One of my blog members has asked me to photograph these two 1966/67 NPs together as she wishes to compare their eye paintings.
Both dolls are wearing Ruthsdolls OOAK outfits.

Here is Vintage-Sashas's first ever prototype coat made from a beautiful tweed wool material used by the Alexon Fashion Company , now being worn over our very first pair of her dungarees and Ruthsdolls shoes by customised by Shelly 1990s Gotz Leon.

Our Mummy missed buying this Sashadollstyle outfit as the first time that she spotted it it was already sale pending and no material left to make up another. Last week though she had the chance to have one made for us as more material had been found and purchased. Isn't it just gorgeous? Now being worn by my 1969 wigged Gregor waif.

Rosie Shortell sent us this beautiful Guernsey Sweater as a surprise gift. She has designed this pattern for The Sasha World Magazine. It's just ACE and so warm says my 1967 re-rooted by Lisa Hartley NP!