Friday, 28 August 2009

Introducing Bea, my little minx of a toddler.

Bea is a 1990s Gotz toddler, Elke, who was customised by Raven and came to live here with me and the rest of my Sasha Brood last Christmas.

Bea explores our Spring flowers.

Bea is quite a handful and is literally into everything and just like the real 'terrible-twos' has to be watched 24/7 but I can't imagine life without her fun and mischief.

Bea enjoys her toys.

An active and quiet Bea.

Bea loves playing in her sand pit.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

As it was a very blustery and shower threatening day and with the non-stop
traffic all around I decided that just two of my Gregor lads would be more than sufficient for me to handle along with the public and motorists disbelieving visual stares that I knew would be on the agenda, so Ross offered to remain in the car this time.
As we came closer we could see that it had been constructed of plywood and then painted grey.
The boys had a great time playing defending cavalry and want to return but I'm thinking that I'll have to choose maybe an early evening or a Sunday when hopefully the surrounding traffic is less busy.

The minature Fort continued.

Another Gregor adventure.

Sensing My Gregors disappointment at not being able to revisit the WWII Tank I set about to find something to console them with and although much further away came across a minature Fort sitting on a very busy roundabout. (It took me about five minutes to actually get onto it and double that to finally get off.)

View of tank from rear and taking aim.