Friday, 12 February 2010

Back on photographing the dolls in mix and match outfits put together by me.

Fritz,a 1960 Gotz slate eyed, straight nosed boy wearing Vintage-Sasha jeans, Pinestreetstudio shirt and manufactured Tommy Hillfiger sleeveless Denim jacket, Ruthsdolls shoes.

1971 Gregor Jeans in a Kate Smith knitted jumper from a Susanna Lewis adapted pattern, grey jeans unknown off eBay, Pinestreetstudio scarf and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1971 wide faced Gingham girl in a Sashadollstyle fine cord duffle, jeans unknown off eBay and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1969 wide faced Gregor Jeans in a Kate Smith knitted sock wool yarn jumper from a Susanna Lewis pattern and matching Beanie hat, Pinestreetstudios recycled jeans and Ruthsdolls shoes.

Trendon 1973/4 with cut fringe wearing a Kate Smith knitted from Susanna Lewis pattern Nordic jumper, Sashadollstyle cord trousers and Ruthsdolls shoes. (Gillet unknown.) Rucksack by Randel Keller.

A 1970 Gregor with repainted eyes by Shelly wearing Moleskin Vintage-Sasha dungarees and Pinestreetstudios jumper and cap. Ruthsdolls shoes.

A crude yellow eyed early Gotz doll wearing a peasant smock outfit by N.Gould with Ruthsdolls distressed boots.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Snowdrops.The first bulbs to bloom in Spring.

Our mummie remembered this little Snowdrop poem from her teaching years and so yesterday after looking at the Snowdrops she taught it to us.

I like to think
That long ago,

There fell to earth
Some drops of snow,

That loved this cold
Grey World of ours,

They stayed as
Snowdrop Flowers.

There is a old saying, that when Snowdrops flower Spring can't be far behind.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New Rocking Horse arrives.

We've decided to call you, Hobbie.

I'm been chosen to have the first ride!

Gee-up then!

New games for Christmas.

Connect Four is much harder to play than you first realise as these two Trendon girls are finding out.

Pontoon is a popular card game here.

Amber's favourite card game is Patience and she is thrilled when it works out.

Jose setting up the dominoes ready to start the knock on effect....

...and down they tumble.

This early Gotz yellow eyed girl prefers the unique satisfaction of completing a jigsaw.

Ross and Belle love the challenge of Dominoes!

Anis enjoys the game of Hungry Hippos and is getting in a little extra practise in before the next game commences.