Sunday, 1 November 2009

Autumnal Clothing 8. This section is about the versitility of one 1969 Gregor wigged doll and photos will be added from time to time.

Phyllis G. kilt and scarf,Hoodie(knitter unknown)Ruthsdolls shoes and The Doll Works socks.

Sashadollstyle outfit with Ruthsdolls shoes.

Fake fur coat off eBay over Sashadollstyle trousers and Ruthsdolls shoes.

Ruthsdolls OOAK outfit.

Sashadollstyle outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes. Steiff Fox Terrier dog.

Autumnal Clothing 7. Have run out of new models so dolls now appearing on the catwalk for the second time.

I decided to try these Sashadollstyle lime green trousers with the Pinestreetstudio plaid jacket as a change. They certainly bring out the green in the jacket more.

Photo showing the jacket's hood up.

1960s Gotz crude yellow eyed doll wearing a Pinestreetstudio plaid jacket over Sashadollstyle trousers and Ruthsdolls boots.

1969 wigged Gregor wearing an outfit by Sashadollstyle and Ruthsdolls boots.

1960s Gotz pale skinned slate eyed doll wearing a Sashawardrobe Liberty print dress, Pinestreetstudio beret with Trendon tights and manufactured shoes.

1967 Dungaree NP (with unusual more rounded eye painting) wearing a OOAK outfit by Ruthsdolls with Trendon tights.