Saturday, 1 May 2010

Our mummy says that we have quite enough clothes for the present so as a treat this year we can choose what we ourselves would like to wear.

A 1967 Dungaree NP bought last year wearing a homespun Ruthsdolls dress which beautifully matches her hair colour, Boneka socks and JJ sandals.

My very first NP (1967) bought about ten years ago in her complete ballet outfit with Black Watch Tartan cape now wearing a Ruthsdolls dress, Boneka socks and manufactured shoes.

My favourite 1971 brunette dark eyed twins. I'm wearing a Pinestreetstudio dress, Boneka socks and manufactured shoes and Ian, a Pinestreetstudio polo necked jumper and chinos with Ruthsdolls shoes.

1966/7 NP has chosen to wear a Vintage-Sasha dungaree outfit with Ruthsdolls shoes that is usually seen on my 1990s customised by Shelly Gotz Leon, now Leonie.

A 1960s Gotz yellow eyed doll with a long re-rooted fringe by Michael O Brien in a Ruthsdolls smocked brushed cotton dress, manufactured socks and JJ sandals.

I'm a 1960s slate eyed Gotz waif and I've chosen to wear this Pinestreetstudio dungaree outfit (that mummy's 1970 customised by Shelly, Belle, normally wears) as I think that it suits my 'little minx' character that mummy calls me. I love the trendy label on the bib. My shoes are by Ruthsdolls and my backpack is manufactured.

We are 1971 twins and today we have decided to dress ourselves in co-ordinating colours. James is wearing a cabled pullover beautifully knitted by Kate Smith over Vintage-Sasha faded denim jeans with JJ shoes whilst I'm in a Ruthsdolls checked smocked dress and socks with JJ Mary-Jane shoes that mummy's 1967 bobbed haired NP usually wears!

A few minor repairs needed to the Vesta Scooter before it hits the road!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bedtime please Bea.

My customised toddler, Bea, bathed and dressed ready for bedtime in her new pink doggie Dollydoodles babyro.