Saturday, 16 July 2011

As the result of Dr. Lawrence Jones mentioning Lambretta Scooters....

After reading Dr. Lawrence Jones' comment about Fritz and his motorbike Jill Mackley mentioned that there was an ice cream parlour in the Bluewater Shopping Mall down in Kent that had a couple of these Lambretta Scooters to sit on whilst enjoying an ice cream.
Hearing this Fritz re-dressed himself into his Gregor's Angel's gear and with money for an ice cream in his pocket, hopped into a Sashadolluk Sasha Doll box said 'Goodbye' to us all and headed off down to stay with my daughter in Sussex in the hope of.....!

....and hasn't been seen here since BUT these photos were sent up so am gathering that another of his adventure boxes was ticked.

Actually I did buy him a model of a Lambretta Scooter at the time I was buying the motor bike but when it arrived it was rather on the small side, so sold it on as just a replica model.

My brothers had a real Lambetta Scooter during their early teenage years that they used to ride on on our private land. My eldest brother kept that Number plate and has had it transferred to use on all his own cars ever since.

Please let us know when you are planning to return home as your Gregor friends are missing you.

Unable to post this comment on MY own blog.

Oh Sarah, that could well be it as both the Rotary Club and The Round Table do great and wonderful works for our surrounding area.
Many thanks for that piece of info. especially as I try to learn something new each day.
Whilst I am commenting here I would also like to say to Lorraine (Serenata) that although I have tried on several occasions to leave a comment on her blog I am still unable to do so. Must seek help.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A little outing for a few of the lads on my Sasha Funday afternoon.

Five of my Gregors enjoy a trip, though only a kilometre down the road, to have a little 'forbidden' climb on this advertising Rhinoceros (as the firm is situated well off the road and so out of sight.)

Sam chooses to lie stretched out on the mane, Jac to sit and hold onto the mid nose bump and Matt behind the dangerous, sharp horn.

James (on the right) decides to sit behind the left ear whilst his best friend Luke takes the right.

Look, you can see so much more of the surrounding countryside from up here!

ALL five boys are wearing Dollydoodle leisure wear and commercially manufactured converses!

James and Luke (the other three weren't too bothered about getting out of the car!) decided to go and take a closer look at this floral show piece in Milton Gardens in the middle of our village. Twice a year this is planted up to represent something special that is happening or of local interest.

It reads 'The B'hoys of Alsager, 1911-2011.' Luke and James are going to do a little research asap to find out what it stands for as they first thought that it read 'The boys of Alsager'... until they spotted the apostrophe.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Still enjoying my Sasha fun day....

Just discovered this part of my Sasha Funday still in draft form so I'm now publishing it in case it hasn't already been (and will try to check later.)
....with these trendy cropped stretch Denim leggings given to me by Judith of Dollydoodles to help me enjoy my day. Many thanks for thinking of me with these trendy cropped 'bottoms.'
Seen here with one of her white jersey hoodies and JJ flipflops.

Just look at how the Sea Holly that we gave Mummy for her birthday has grown. Be careful as the flowers are really spikey now.

This is a 1968 Frido Single Fringe Ballet girl.

Seen here enjoying the perfume from my latest Jasmin shrub.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My third get well/birthday superb gift from Susan Bulger Pomeroy.

My 1970? Trendon very minty full centre part girl is wondering what the atlas and globe here is all about. She is wearing a delightful little denim dress and shorts, one of two 70th birthday gifts from Sarah Williams of vintage-sasha and commercially manufactured Mary-Jane canvas shoes.

I wonder if there is anything inside this wooden globe.

Oh, just look, some lovely little wooden people in their national costumes.

I can recognise an Eskimo, a man from China, an Indian woman, an Egyptian.....

Now I can see what the atlas is for. (This was my Mummy's Atlas that she had to have to use in her last few years at Chaucer House School, the small private day (or weekly boarding if required) school that her brother and she went to along with other Pottery Firm's owner's children. (This superb little school has been featured previously in the blog.)

Does this one go here? Is he from this country?

I know that this little girl is English and from the United Kingdom because she had fair skin and blonde hair just like me.