Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Several outfits have been changed today.

1969 Dungaree girl in a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit (the colours and materials chosen by me from provided samples) and then seen with a Ruthsdolls cream fleece for extra warmth.

1969 Dungaree girl wearing a Sashadollstyle outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

A 1960s slate eyed Gotz doll (Fritz's sister) wearing the Christine Durand knitted jumper, Vintage-Sasha trousers and Ruthsdolls beret and shoes with a Steiff Springer Spaniel soft toy.

1966 Frido NP with her eyes painted by a Manchester art student for Sara Doggart wearing a Sashadollstyle outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

Another 1969 wigged Gregor in a Monique bobbed Peggy-Sue wig in a Vintage-Sasha dress, Ruthsdolls shoes and JJ socks.

1969 Gregor in a Monique Kimberly wig wearing a Sashawardrobe Liberty print dress and socks and manufactured shoes.

1969 wigged with a trimmed Monique Peggy-Sue blonde wig Frido girl wearing Vintage-Sasha trousers, Phyllis G. jumper and unknown manufactured Hoodie with Ruthsdolls shoes.

A 1960s pony-tailed Gotz girl wearing a prototype tweed suit by Vintage -Sasha and Ruthsdolls shoes.

A Kelly Wenarsky customised 1990 Gotz pale skinned Stella in a Doll Works knitted dress and tights and manufactured shoes.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A new prop and a Spring-like outfit making it's first appearance this year in honour of the brilliant sunshine warming this rather cold day.

A Gotz 1960s Orche highlighted eyed girl wearing a fine cord dress made by Ruthsdolls and given to me by Dawn Law some years ago with a Ruthsdolls pinafore and distressed boots added and socks by JJ.

My 1969 Single Fringe girl playing with my latest purchase, the minature Tiny Trike car (and lucky for me surplus to another collectors requirements) which is just the right size for the 5" Berenguer baby doll. She is wearing my very first Ruth Hartley smocked dress. It was literally taken off one of Ruths's own dolls who was visiting and wearing it at my first Dawn Law Sasha funday where I met her and her daughter, Lisa, for the first (and unfortunately so far) only time.
A lot of 'FIRSTS' that day but one day that I will never forget.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

More Dollydoodles sleepsuits won off eBay.

New Dollydoodle listings on eBay this week coming to coincide with the advertisement in the UK Sasha World magazine.
Trendon blonde baby Nightdress wearing a Dollydoodle white sleepsuit with pink and white stripped panels and a pink rocking horse motiff.

Oxidised eyed Trendon baby Nightdress wearing a Dollydoodle white/blue stripped sleepsuit with a rocking horse emblem.

Trendon early baby Nightdress now ready for bed in a Dollydoodles pale pink sleepsuit with pink flowers on a white background panels.

Time for bed, Bea!

Bedtime for you. Put 'Baby-moo' down now and go and find your 'Blanky' and nightime Dollie. Gotz 2001 Toddler Elke customised by Raven and wearing a Dollydoodle OOAK baby-gro and carrying a Jellycat young calf toy.

Did you remember to clean your teeth?

Latest eBay clothing win.

Vintage-Sasha dress and pants set worn here by my wigged and OOAK customised by Shelly 1972 Gingham girl. Socks by Pinestreetstudios and manufactured shoes.