Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas shopping at The Trafford Centre, a huge shopping mall just outside Manchester's city centre.

Taking time to admire the decorations before starting THE BIG SHOP!



Bril! 'Cool' sleigh!

Friday, 4 December 2009

My Christmas Decorations.

The tree when lit up.

The tree without the lights switched on.

The mantelpiece.

My 2008 Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

A New Year's gift for my daughter.

From 'me to me'!

For my wonderful daughter.

X 3 for my three 20+ year old nieces to be consumed sparingly over a longish period of time!

For my 17 year old niece.

For my 15 year old niece.

A little extra something for my daughter!

My daughter's dogs' (my substitute grandchildren!)Christmas stockings.

Last Year's Christmas Cards.

My home in the snow.(for those non Sasha friends!)

After taking this photo I then went round taking photos of all my neighbour's houses and had them made into cards for me to give them.

My first sledge ride.

Hello little Robin!

Sasha visits the North Pole!

Sliding down your back is just like being on a snow slide!

Can I ride on your back like your cub is?

Swim over here so that I can touch you!

You look as though you like having your chest rubbed!

They say 'Pick up a Penguin' but you're much too big for that!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Santa Claus comes to Town!

Now tell me, 'Have YOU been a GOOD little girl?'

Cloth bodied Studio Baby with a moulded vinyl head, hand tied real hair wig, swivel neck and arms lined with white felt, bent legs stitched rag doll style to the body and wearing original labelled clothing, shoes and socks.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Getting our house ready for Christmas!.

A dear little robin hops by to help Fritz with his tree choosing. Click on the photo to see him.

I think that this is the tree for us!

A red or green stand for the tree?

Now which of these wreaths to hang on the front door?

Hoping that I get to kiss some of those gorgeous Sasha girls under the mistletoe!

Fritz making some new friends.

I really like you!

Gotz lad Fritz amongst Santa's little elves.

Sitting amongst some of the 'already wrapped ready to go' presents loaded on the Santa's sleigh.

Watching the elves at their work. (Unfortunately they were working so fast that they have come out blurred.)

Fritz helping an elf chop wood for the wooden toys.

Enjoying a quick ride on the Elves' train.

Gotz boy Fritz in Winter Wonderland.

There used to be an advert on the TV that said, 'Pick up a Penguin' BUT you're much TOO big for that!

'My, you're a huge white bear. Hope you are friendly!'

'...and what's your name little boy?'

Fritz riding bare-back on Rudolph.

...though much safer riding in his pannier.

Now enjoying sitting up with Father Christmas on his Teddy Bear filled sleigh.