Saturday, 11 June 2011

The girls are insisting that it's their time to be photographed now.

Our mummy would like to thank all those followers of her blog that either leave their comments here or email her privately. It really spurs her on to take more photographs and although it is very time consuming it is also a most enjoyable pastime.

'Three little girls from school are we.' a quote taken from the Mikado, a musical production that we put on in my last year at Loreto College. Left is a Frido Dungaree NP, centre Holly, a mid 1960s Gotz yellow crude eyed girl and on the right, Sally, another 1960s Gotz but this time a later slate eyed lass. All are wearing Ruthsdolls OOAK homespun smocked dresses and JJ sandals or commercially made shoes.

Belle, a 1970 customised by Shelly Gregor, in an unknown seamstress dress and commercially made shoes showing off a lovely little cup given to me as part of my birthday/get well presents (watch this space for the other two gifts in the near future) from Susan Bugler Pomeroy who lives in Ireland and collects just the baby Sashas (although ONE Gregor has managed to creep in.) Thank you very much Susan for thinking of me.

Belle enjoying a nice cup of hot Ribena while she reads her books.

A 1960 Gotz pale skinned slate eyed girl re-rooted in mohair by Bettina in a Jill Mackley of 'Frocks and Socks' daintily smocked dress looking through a delightful little photgraph album of scenes of Paris made by Sarah Price and Rosie Shortell and given to all those who attended one of Anne-Marie's Sasha Fundays.

A 1967 Frido NP with hair re-rooted by Lisa Hartley on account of her being given a very bad short haircut by a budding practising little hairdresser wearing ba Pinestreetstudio skirt over a Ruthsdoll's blouse and JJ sandals and manufactured socks.

About to enjoy one of Jill Mackley's gifted ice cream sundaes.

One of the above 'three little maids' enjoying tending to one of the Sasha babies rocking horses.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Meet Mr.Tree who stands proudly about a kilometre or two down the road from where we live.

On the south side of Alsager this tree has stood for years and has had a variety of different faces. Every five years or so when it's face paint starts to fade he is miraculously given a new fresh look by some aspiring artist.The other day I took Jac along to see him.
Hello Mr Tree, look I'm down here, it's me Jac come to visit you.

Can I climb up onto your nose and then you can see and hear me better?

My, you can see for miles sitting up here. I bet you can tell me many stories that has happened over the years you have been growing here.

You certainly get bathed in the late afternoon's sun. I feel as though I'm sitting in a sun trap.

Bye. I have to go now but I'll try to come again soon.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Dollydoodle camo outfit for Jac arrives.

I bought this boyish set from Dollydoodles especially for Jac who, is a delightful little 1970 Trendon boy with his eyes customised by Shelly. The Dollfie converses just finish off the outfit.

His camo T shirt reminded him of the tent that the lads bought for themselves last year with their combined pocket money so that was quickly located, erected and in he went to play.

My very favourite contribution to the Sasha World Magazine.

An Indian Motorbike arrives for Fritz.

Checking the terraine on the rough off-road motor bike scamble venue.

Tackling an uphill track, much harder here to negotiate with a full throttle.

Easier riding on more level ground. 1960s Gotz slate eyed Fritz wears jeans by vintage-sasha, shirt and bandana by Pinestreetstudios, gilet by Tommy Hilfliger and Ruthsdolls boots.

Now for the slippery, more scary down hill route, carefully breaking so as not to slide and loose control.

All my above photos were put together for me by my daughter to give this 'Gregor's Angels' back cover page on one of the last issues of the Sasha World UK magazine that was Gregor orientated.

Unfortunately I have just realised that my blog won't take PDFs so I have had to take this copy from it and therefore it is nowhere as clear as it should be.
(Please remember that clicking on each of the photos enlarges them for more detail to be seen.)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Helping Mummy in the garden.

Mummy fell in love with the leaves of this tree, an Acer Plat Drommondii, so naturally she bought it. Fritz is planting it near to the conservatory so that it can be seen and admired from there as well as when out in the garden. We shall be carefully watching it's growth (both above and under the ground with the root system) and prunning it accordingly.

Might just need to add another supporting stake at an angle before the Winter and the gales come.

The young trunk looks sturdy enough though.

I hope Fritz that Judith of Dollydoodles doesn't spot the soil on the back of your new T shirt when you fell over.

Planting trees is exhausting work so time for a quick 'forty-winks' me thinks.

Mummy has wanted a Sea Holly plant for some years now but had not seen one for sale in the local garden centres.

So we all saved our pocket money and bought her this one for her recent birthday.

I think that it looks a good healthy plant.

It has already started opening a spikey flower on the top.

James is helping to plant out a box of red Bizzy-Lizzys as they bring a splash of colour to the various greens of the evergreen shrubs.

Mummy doesn't have many annual plants now as over the last few years we have had a hose-pipe ban from as early as May due to the lack of rain here in Cheshire.

Sally helping water some of the Runner Bean plants that we have grown from seed.

After the watering we bring them into the conservatory overnight
as they are not quite ready to be sown out into the ground in case there is a last frost due to the moon's movement.

They look good sturdy healthy plants so hopefully over the next two months they will bring in a good crop as we like to pick them when they are small and tender rather than buy them from the supermarkets which are left to grow to a bigger (and tougher) size to gain the maximum profit.

Remember Belle's visit to see the rare wild Orchid in Lancaster last year?

Belle, a 1970 Trendon customised Gregor by Shelly, admiring a surviving rare Orchid plant in the UK which was given 24/7 police protection whilst in flower up in Lancaster.

This morning I received this delightful photo that Brigitte Schwitter took yesterday whilst walking from Chur where she lives to visit her mother in St. Peter in the valley called Schanfigg. Unfortunately there wasn't any room for a Sasha, or even a Gotz Toddler to tag along. Many thanks Brigitte for remembering Belle's visit and sharing this with us.