Saturday, 28 August 2010

Getting ready to go to return to Llandudno Beach.

To wear or not to wear the Dolfie sneakers or the JJ sandals?
Ruthsdolls OOAK Hoodie in case it gets coooler later.

Charlotte has chosen to wear the Dollydoodle hot pink beach shorts set to go with her dark hair and the Dolfie sneakers in case the sandals get water marked on the wet sand.

1967 NP waif, Sasha-Chon and younger brother 1971 Gregor James in 'the blue!'

Facial close-up of the Sasha Doll that most resembles my daughter Chon.

James and Sasha-Chon in matching mix and match Dollydoodle's summer shorts wear.

A Ruthsdoll's OOAK Hoodie just in case it gets colder later in the evening. Again choice between the Dolfie sneakers and JJ sandals.

Your brother James, isn't going to be pleased when he sees that you're wearing HIS clothes.

New little wide faced waif arrives.

Before this little 1970 waif left Auntie Shelly touched up her already greened eyebrows and 'slightly-starting-to-green' eyes.
(We are ignoring the facial marks and bleeding lips from applied lipstick as no-one's perfect.)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Auntie Anne-Marie commisioned Ruthsdolls to make this OOAK outfit for us.

Our Mummy admired a similar outfit to this on one of Auntie Anne-Marie's dolls when she was last over there and much to our delight Auntie Anne-Marie managed to locate and buy some more of this super Snoopy character material and commissioned Ruth Hartley to make US a similar one as a surprise gift.
A million/trillion thanks Auntie Anne-Marie. We just ADORE it!
Seen here with JJ pink sandals with pink socks. OR....

....Pink bar shoes ruled out as not 'trendy' enough.

Or JJ pink sandals with white socks, the final choice until the pale pink/white Dolfie canvas bar sneekers arrive (to see if they look more modern with the outfit.)

A very pretty 1968 Single Fringe girl in a delightful Jill Mackley smocked dress and JJ sandals.

Going, going, unfortunately gone! Sad.

There, into the pram you go.

Now tucked in cosily.

Right, we too are now already to join Amy and Beth.