Saturday, 12 September 2009

Time I feel to take another break from the Sasha girls and their outfits SO here come the boys enjoying time with my niece's Mini Cooper.

Look I've got the keys!

Practising a clean gear change.


We always like to see shiny wheels.

Just checking the windscreen wipers for any wear.

I think that this wing mirror needs adjusting slightly.

Race you down the stripes, ready, steady, go!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My Sasha Girls and my Twins. (P)

1969 Frido twins wearing outfits described earlier in the blog.

My 1990s Gotz twins, Alberto and Maria wearing outfits that have been listed earlier.

1971 Gregor and Sasha Twins wearing N.Gould shorts, Gotz T shirt and a Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket and manufactured trainers.A Ruthsdolls skirt, Sashawardrobe T shirt and Jean Jensons sandals and socks.

1966/7 Dungaree NP wearing a OOAK dress by Ruthsdolls and Dollfie school shoes.

1967 NP Gingham wearing a Karensyarn dress and Dollfie school shoes.

1971 Gingham girl wearing a Jill Mackley dress and Dollfie school shoes.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

My Sasha girls. (Q)

1969 wigged Gregor wearing a cardigan knitted by Kate Smith over the Ruthsdolls Ltd. outfit listed below.

1990s Gotz Leon customised by Shelly wearing a OOAK outfit by Ruthsdolls.

New 1967 NP kid wearing a 'borrowed for the moment' Pinestreetstudio outfit and Dollfie school shoes.

1971 Brown Cord Tabitha customised by Shelly wearing her tomboy dungaree outfit by Vintage-Sasha.

1972 doll customised by Shelly wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls dress and socks and sandals by Jean Jenson.

1969 trimmed Peggy-Sue wigged Gregor wearing a Ruthsdolls limited edition outfit.

My Sasha girls. (R)

1966 NP wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit and Jean Jenson's flip-flop sandals.

1969 Dungaree girl with NO fringe wearing a Jill Mackley dress and Jean Jenson socks and sandals.

1969 Single Fringe girl wearing a Sashawardrobe Liberty Print dress and Dollfie school shoes.

1970/1 Gingham wearing a Ruthsdolls skirt and a Sashawrdrobe T shirt with Jean Jenson's socks and sandals. (She has a twin brother.)

1969 Gregor with wig styled by Lisa Hartley and wearing a Ruthsdolls dress and sandals and socks by Jean Jenson.