Sunday, 28 March 2010

We have been Easter Chocolate Shopping! Now it's time to choose which one you want to be given to you on Sunday.

A lovely unexpected Easter surprise from one of my nieces. My favourite milk chocolate by my favourite chocolate manufacturer.

These are perfect for you to have Bea as you can use the little chest for storing your things in afterwards.

I see that you have your bunnies and are now waiting to choose your chocolate Easter gift.

Who's this egg for then?

An Easter egg for our Mummy.

Remember that it's as I told Anis, it's one OR the other, NOT both.

Bea getting in a little practical maths with sorting and setting the eggs. I hope that you're not eating any in the process?

Now the yellow goes in the yellow set.

Jeanine, the mini eggs for you too then?

Have you noticed that the egg shell colours match your Ruthsdoll OOAK dungaees?

We helped our mummy choose this big Thorntons milk chocolate egg for her daughter.

We haven't forgotten to get the doggie chocolate Easter eggs for Chon's two Weimaraner dogs as eating real peoples chocolate can make them ill or even kill them.

You're having these then?

Now, no opening them until Easter Sunday!

Yes, the white Mikly Bar chocolate is your favourite.

You're having the mini eggs then? That's a good choice.

Come down from there or you'll fall or break mummy's egg and then you'll be in trouble.

You can't read the writing from there as you're seeing it upside down.

What does it say on it?

We've chosen this Thornton's milk chocolate egg for our mummy as it is her favourite chocolate and she has shares in the Thornton's Company.

I think Irka that these chocolates are too big and hard for you and they have nuts in. They are more for real life adults but you can have the plastic bunny container afterwards.

I think that you'll like these Cadbury's mini eggs much better!

I see that you are choosing between the Cadbury's chocolate Mini sugar coated eggs and the treasure chest of the brightly foil wrapped chocolate eggs.

It's a choice, Anis, of the milk chocolate Lindt Bunny OR the Nestle white Milky Bar chocolate cow. NOT both.