Saturday, 24 July 2010

A wig from Ted Menten.

Ted has told us that red heads have more fun so I'm trying out this 'Buffy Style' wig, designed by and manufactured exclusively for Ted Menten and which can be purchased from his in a variety of colours.

It is made from Modacrylic fibers set into a wig cap edged with elastic for s snug fit on a bald headed Sasha so no need to be glued or anchored to stay in place..

Under the spotlight!

1972 wigged Sasha Doll wearing a delightfully simple Autumn coloured floral dress by Vintage Sasha, JJ sandals and manufactured socks.

As you can see different coloured fibers have been used to give it a natural sunstreaked look. Thanks Uncle Ted.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Dollydoodle outfit for the little black baby.

Do you think that my new Dolldoodle outfit suits me?

Look your Teddy's fallen off the chair. Pick him up please.

Hold tightly onto Teddy now so that he doesn't fall again and put your hat on.

Yes, you've still got your hat on.