Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ollie, a new Gotz Toddler arrives to join the Sasha Brood.

Obviously been a change in the grand plan as I have always declared that I would only have one toddler (Bea) in my collection but couldn't resist this ones cute little face.

Ollie wears a OOAK Ruthsdolls dungaree and T-shirt outfit with a Sashawardrobe knitted jacket and manufactured shoes.

Friday, 7 May 2010

My Childhood Family Home.

Found myself the other day (whilst taking photos for the Sasha World Magazine) less than a hundred metres from our old family home and so still with my camera around my neck I took the following....

Our 17th Century family house set in Audley in rural Staffordshire.
When the stage coach passed the house in the olden days the horn was sounded to let the Inn in Nantwich (about 8 kilometres away) know that the passengers would be arriving an hour or so from then.

View showing the position of the garages in relation to the house with the main driveway inbetween.

Double garage with games/party room above that we had built to match the style of the house.

Main driveway.

View of one of the sides of the house by the main drive.

Another back view showing the unusual chimneys.

Back gate to the house from the side lane.

The stables and hay loft (pigstys and barn on each of the sides now demolished) that have since been converted.

Our field next to the stables, hay loft and barn.

The view from the house.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

We are all hoping to go camping this summer so..........

I went with mummie to have a look at some tents at an small camping exhibition.

I liked this one the best and it will hopefully fit all 82 of us in.

My first time as a bridesmaid.

Sasha (a 1968/9 wide faced Trendon Gingham) is so excited as she has been chosen to be a bridesmaid and is getting to wear this equisitely designed and very finely made outfit by Ruth Briggs, from the House of Daisy, Daisy. Ruth used to be a bespoke wedding and bridesmaid dress designer and seamstress. The dress is in a cream slubbed silk material (as are the lace trimmed knickers) with pale peach accessories. The outfit comes beautifully presented in an organza bag with a daisy and loop fastening. The tiny ballet shoes are lined in chinese patterned silk and come in their little matching draw stringed bag. Even the little pearl bracelet is included. Have you ever seen anything so absolutely delightful?

Sasha you look absolutely gorgeous.

My four year old twin nieces wore very similar dresses in an off white slubbed silk when they were bridesmaids at my younger sister's wedding.

Not to be outdone by Fritz, James and Jac, Sasha decides to do a little historic searching herself.

Bet Fritz and James will be envious here as, like me, they will never have seen 'stocks' before. I tried to put my head and arms through the holes but I'm just not tall enough.

Taking a quick rest on this ancient little bench situated under this tree in this quaint village square in Caverswall.

My 1969 Trendon rewigged waif decided to visit this windmill in Rough Close, Staffordshire, that, as you can see, is currently being reovated. We shall come back again to have another look when it is finished.

Gosh! I've never seen one of these old telephone boxes before. This one is still in Caverswall. I can't imagine homes without their own telephone or people without mobile phones.

Just look at this freshly painted post box, again in Caverswall village square though not sure though how little people like me are meant to post a letter.

Enjoying a rest and the view of the square.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Fritz has fun on a small holding.

What are you looking at, Fritz?

I'm looking at what the Woodpeckers are doing to this poor tree trunk.

Are you still following me?

Be careful Fritz that you don't fall down the well.

I'm planning on climbing each of these pear trees in this row.

Fritz collecting some sheep's wool caught on the fencing.

....and who are you then?

Fritz getting ready to raise the jockey wheel once the trailor is secured to the car.

This Clematis looks really inviting to climb!

Gosh! I think that I'm well and truly stuck! Help somebody!

Fritz checking the 'acrobat' that is used on the back of a tractor to turn and row-in the cut grass during hay making.

Just checking the Winter fuel stock.

How is one expected to have a decent looking lawn with these moles continually making these hills?

Just listening for any recent mole activity.

Are you stalking me then?

Just look at the mess that the squirrels make around the bird feeder.

Exhausted, so I'll just take a short rest before returning home.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fritz, Jac's and James's day out following local Historic trails.

James and Fritz visit the old, disused windmill at Kidsgrove in Staffordshire.

Just look at that big crack in the wall.

Hi Fritz! I can see you. Can you see me?

Sasha sits amongst the wild Violets at the foot of the hill waiting for the boys to return from inspecting the old windmill.

James and Fritz visit Mow Cop Castle in Staffordshire.
Fritz decides to climb up to the castle via the steeper route ....

Whilst James takes the easier one. Who will reach the top first?

James reaches the top first and inspects the inside of the castle ruins whilst waiting for Fritz to catch up.

Fritz and James enjoying the surrounding views from the top of Mow Cop.

Jac inspects this very old Crusader's grave with the effigies in Astbury Church's graveyard.

Jac studying this hundreds of years old Yew tree set in Astbury Church's graveyard. The tree's trunk has been completely eaten away over the years and is now so knarled and hollow that you can actually walk through it. Can you see me? Look up I'm here inside.