Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sorry, but having to take a break from blogging this week, although I still have more of my Sasha Christmas gifts to photo and list but need the time to deal with my festival auction contributions and hostess table gifts.

Fourth and final installment

Ross, my 1969 Gregor enjoys the limelight here on the first page when he jetted off to Spain to visit Jackie Rhydstrom for his re-root. The first photo shows him at Alex's hairdressing salon having his new re-rooted hair professionally styled before heading off to enjoy the nearby beach on the Pacific Ocean. Dressed in Dollydoodle's board shorts and T shirt just in case there is any opportunity for a little surfing.
On the next page is a 1970 Trendon wigged waif and a 1973/4 Trendon wigged customised by Shelly in yet more of Dollydoodles girl's hoodies and leggings.

Fritz, my wide faced 1970 Trendon waif and Annaliese, another 1970s doll re-rooted by Jackie enjoying themselves on the hottest day last year on Conway Quay. I particularly like the ropes, bouys and fishing tackle which make up the naturally looking backgrounds here.


Bit closer to home here, on one of the roads leading out from Alsager three Gregor lads, Matt (1968 Frido tiny eyed Gregor Shorts) Sam (Frido 1968 Gregor Jeans) and Jac (1970 Gregor customised by Shelly) enjoy playing wearing their Dollydoodle 'active' leisure wear on a 3-D buisness advert, (whilst the Health and Safety executives aren't around) and Luke (1969 Frido Gregor Jeans) Jac and Sam (details as above)
enjoy a spot of 'Space hopping' in their Dollydoodle Summer versions of the hoodie and shorts.


Early 1970s Trendon baby girls and 1990s Gotz Toddler, Bea (customised by Raven) enjoy wearing Dollydoodle's snowsuits, coats, jackets and sleepsuits in shades of pink mixed with white.


Jac, Luke, Amy and Frido ballet NP all Dollydoodle dressed in hoodies, shorts, T-shirts, cropped leggings for a comfy, easy fitting, playful Summer.


This was the last Dollydoodle item that I had bought before this book went to press. Anis, a Bettina customised early sexed Trendon baby with her hair re-rooted in mohair wearing the softest velour little jacket over a beautifully co-ordinated jersey floral material sleepsuit.
I hate to say that my Sasha baby collection has increased three fold over the last year due to Judith's delightful little sleepsuits and baby day wear.


On the inside of the back dust cover my Gregors have written....'The Gregors would like to personally thank Judith, as her range of comfy sports and leisure wear has enabled them to pursue their very active lifestyle in a suitably boyish manner.'

The back dust cover depicting the now famous Dollydoodle logo.

The End.
My thanks to my wonderful daughter for another much appreciated and treasured Sasha book. I do hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I do.
(PS. My Birthday book due out in April is I believe going to be entitled, 'Some of Kendal's favourite Sasha Dolls over the years.')

As a little extra surprise Chon had these 24 notelets printed as well to help me with my thank you letter writing ....which is still 'work in progress.'


My ever grateful thanks go to Sarah Williams for her wonderfully large photo listings of this book.