Saturday, 19 June 2010

Happy Birthday to my Daughter!

A few little surprise presents sent down to open today (as she couldn't come up this year as is playing Polo both today and tomorrow and hosting a birthday BBQ today for 50 people at the Polo Club) having had her main present, a new TV, delivered a week or so ago.

Friday, 18 June 2010

New prototype shoes from Vintage Sasha for my girls to try on.

It all began when we were having difficulty trying to find some suitable shoes to go with this delightful pinafore outfit from Vintage Sasha. The next minute these super little shoes arrived on the doorstep. Thank you very much Auntie Sarah, we love them.

Here is another pair in creamy/yellowy/mustard and the dark brown photos will be following soon.

11. Summer clothes.

1960s Gotz Fritz in a very smart T-Shirt by Dollydoodles, Tommy Hilfiger jacket and shorts by N.Gould. JJ shoes and manufactured socks.

1971 Gregor wearing a Dollydoodle T-shirt with shorts and a sweatshirt by Beverley S. until the colour co-ordinating Airforce blue shorts arrive. Manufactured trainers.

1969 Party Girl wigged in a now discontinued Global Cosette wig and wearing a Nadia Vasconi dress and manufactured shoes.

1967 NP re-rooted by Lisa Hartley in a Pinestreetstudio dress and Dolfie school shoes.

Monday, 14 June 2010

10. Summer Clothes Changes.

1969 wigged Gregor in a Sashawardrobe Liberty Print dress made from the Migros pattern.Manfactured shoes and socks.

1966 Dungaree NP wearing a dungaree and cap outfit by Jackie Hyatt and a Ruthsdolls vest (instead of the usual white front buttoned shirt) and JJ sandals.

The 1969/70 wigged waif seen here in a Tommy Filfiger outfit, Pinestreetstudio cap, Trendon socks and JJ sandals.

1966 Developemental NP (with eyes painted by a Manchester University art student) wearing a dungaree outfit by Jackie Hyatt and JJ flip flops.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

My girls like to keep fit by taking exercise, more than can be said of their mother!

My 1968 no fringe, bobbed hair Dungaree girl warming up before her aerobic session.

Good footwork and controlled balance using the areobic step apparatus.

Good strong and well controlled press-ups.

A front view of the press-up hold. Good height held.

A good finishing pose.

1960s pale skinned slate eyed Gotz girl starting her gymnastic floor work.

Good backward roll.

Try to keep both legs at 90% on your head stand.

Next up onto the bar.

A very neat and tidy forward bar roll.

....though a rather untidy looking exit from it.

A good straight controlled stand finish to your bar work. Well done.

This 1990s Gotz customised By Kelly pale skinned Stella so suits being a ballerina. Here she is is in Ballet position 1 (well almost as she could quite get her fingers to meet.)

Struggling to remember these next two positions as it is now a good couple of decades since my daughter took ballet and tap dancing lessons.... and an 'unmentionable' time since I did!

A new 'already wigged' little tot arrives.

This cute early Trendon baby arrives here from Shelly's website and after being changed into a little boys romper (more suited to his gender) he quickly makes friends with Steifie, the golden Spaniel.

Obviously love at first sight!

I need to be picked up and hugged now please.