Saturday, 22 May 2010

Starting the Sasha Summer clothing change over.

One of my treasured waif dolls, a 1969 Gregor, in a very pretty yellow Molly outfit (one of favourite colours on Sashas for the summer) sent to me as a surprise gift from Steve. Manufactured shoes and socks.

This very dainty looking 1966 Dungaree NP has chosen to wear a Ruthsdolls limited pink floral dress and matching pink JJ sandals.
Now needs to have pink ribbons in her plaits.

Sailor outifts always seem to suit Sasha Dolls and this Pinestreetstudio dress on my 1966 Developemental girl is no exception accentuating her, grey rather than the normal blue, eyes.
Manufactured Dollfie school shoes complete the look.

My 1960s slate eyed Gotz looks really pretty and delightfully summery wearing one of the specially odered OOAK birthday Vintage-Sasha outfits from my very good friend, Steve.JJ sandals.

Jac is challenged to climb these huge stone steps to Saint John the Evangelist's graveyard in Galgate.

Gosh these old stone steps sure are steep!

Nearly there now! I just love this photo of Jac against the stone wall background.

Taking a quick rest at the top and looking out over the graveyard.

Just a FUN photo. 100% free range organic eggs from 100% manufactured plastic chickens.

New outfit and Zoo animals.

Another delightful little outfit by sasha*smiles seen here on a 1970 Trendon Nightdress baby and who is holding two of the design award winning Russ anamalZ little wooden animals. (I would have loved to have bought these for my daughter in the olden days when she was young... BUT luckily I now have my Sashas as an excuse for such extravagance!)

Em, (short for Emu) I love your inquisitive 'beaky' little face and your long blue neck warmer.

I think that I'm going to call you, Kanga which is like a shortened version of Kangaroo.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Jac tastes a little of a student's life up at Lancaster University.

Jotting down a few memos. least I forget.

Adding a little more info. to the main notice board.

A quick tidy up on the book shelf.

Jac returning from the students half price poster fair on the Campus

The new posters look great now that they are up on the walls.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Jac exploring an old wooden, deep water, ocean faring cabin cruiser in Galgate, Lancaster.

Jac inspecting this historic rare find. 'Ship ahoy, Captain.'

Jac at the tiller of an old canal barge.

New doll carrying bag arrives!

...and within minutes of being left unattended nine of the babies (ALL wearing Dollydoodles sleepsuits) it seems had crawled in (obviously hoping for another outing) BUT this was NOT what I had in mind so left them there for a while and then tactfully turfed them all out back into their playpen!