Saturday, 17 April 2010

Slowly but surely the Sashas are getting out of their Winter gear into more Spring like clothing.

1967 NP wearing a delightful dress in a ginger bread print by Jill Mackley and manufactured shoes and socks.
There is a new fashion trend here at the moment for dark coloured socks.

Belle, a now famous and attractive 1970 customised Gregor by Shelly wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit with manufactured shoes and socks.

A pretty, dainty and rather minty 1969 FCP doll wearing one of Vintage Sasha first ever dungaree outfits.

Friday, 16 April 2010

More Easter gifts and a bunny treasure hunt.

An Lindt Easter bunny hunt amongst the colourful Spring flowers!
This is one of my most loved waifs wearing a favourite 'put together' casual outfit of Phyllis G jumper, manufactured hoodie with Vintage Sasha trousers and JJ shoes.

Irka enjoying the Easter Bunny hunt.

Irka admiring the primroses.

Thanks Auntie Shelly for this. It is just perfect for us. We have been looking 'forever' for the right sized bucket and spade as we are off to the seaside this summer.

An attractive cockrel egg cup for those morning boiled eggs.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Birthday gift of an attractive ear-flap hat.

Another lovely birthday gift from my friend Kate. This is beautifully knitted by her from the excellent Catherine French pattern that she so kindly shared with the Sasha_Mart members a little while ago.Many thanks to your both.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Four of my Sasha Dolls wearing wonderful Vintage Sasha outfits from another two of my dearest Sasha friends.

Two totally gorgeous birthday gift outfits from Sarah Williams (Vintage Sasha) in her simple Sasha line styles that I so love. My Sashas are 'thrilled to bits' and are jumping up and down sending tons of thank you's!

Seen here with a Ruthsdolls' OOAK hoodie for the chillier times.

I wanted to but didn't like to bid on this attractive little dress as I knew that a friend of mine was hoping to win it SO I was absolutely delighted to receive this from Sarah Williams (Vintage Sasha herself) for my birthday present. My Sashas are just thrilled.

My super Sasha friend Steve commissioned Vintage Sasha to make me these TWO OOAK magnificent outfits to give me for my birthday. My Sashas, Steve, are 'over the moon' and wish to thank you a million/trillion times over (as do I.)

Seen here with a Sashadollstyle cardigan for the cooler climes.

A really dainty Vintage Sasha summer dress and knickers sent to me by my very special Sasha friend, Steve. It's truly beautiful.

A lovely surprise gift of these two pairs of beautifully knitted socks for Sasha from Joyce Jordan (Dolly's 4 u) both of which go wonderfully with this new outfit.

Two of my Sashas admiring a special birthday gift and my daughter's card.

A delightful little bear dressed for school (to remind me of my enjoyable past teaching days) from my best Sasha friend Shelly.

My daughter's card to me.