Saturday, 21 November 2009

As John Masefield wrote in his poem, Sea-Fever...'I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky...'

Unfortunately another wet, dismal day as we head towards Blackpool's South Pier in the late afternoon to watch the ebbing tide.

The wind is blowing a gale and the sand is soaking wet but the ebbing waters are just fascinating to watch. Turning, tossing and tumbling over themselves as they head outwards again.
'Ross, come over here and see this.'

Right under the South Pier now, much closer to the ebbing water.

Here we are looking now towards Central Pier with the famous Tower in the distance before we head for home.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Guess where I have been?

The clue is in the far distance!
Sasha standing admist the tram lines and unknowingly risking her neck whilst she views Blackpool Tower against the grey misty skyline.

Sasha sheltering by a wall from the wind and rain and looking out towards the North Pier.

Autumnal Clothing 10.

1969 wigged Gregor waif (one of my favourite dolls) wearing one of Vintage-Sasha's FIRST new style coats over her wide legged jeans and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1968 Single Fringe girl wearing one of my first Ruthsdolls OOAK dress and some of her later socks and shoes.

1969 wigged Gregor wearing a knitted, fur trimed hooded coat by eBay ID Lemon over Sashadollstyle trousers and JJ shoes.

Studio Style Clothing.

(Sorry here is a photo missed out from below and I don't yet know how to add/replace photos from the middle of a section.)

1968 Gingham girl wearing a Pinestreetstudio studio outfit, shown here without the collar, and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1967 NP wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1990s Gotz Leon customised by Shelly wearing an older Ruthsdolls Studio outfit.

1969 wigged Pink Party wearing a Pinestreetsudio studio outfit and Doll Secret tights.

1960s Gotz yellow eyed girl wearing one of Ruthsdolls first studio outfits.

1960s Gotz slate eyed wigged waif wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit.

1972 Trendon customised by Shelly doll wearing a pinestreetstudio studio dress outfit.

1969 wigged Gregor waif wearing a Pinestreetstudio outfit (but missing her basket!)

1960s slate eted Gotz Ponytailed girl wearing a Chinese outfit won on eBay (seamstress forgotten)and JJ flipflop sandals.