Friday, 4 June 2010

7. Summer Clothing.

1960's Gotz slate eyed waif (another of my very favourite Sasha Dolls) who came to me with her hair trimmed to shoulder length and NO fringe in sight (thanks to a practising little would-be hairdesser) but in later years she has been wigged in various coloured Monique Peggy-Sue wigs. Seen here in one of Ruthsdolls earlier smocked outfits.

A minty and very pretty and dainty 1970 FCP Gingaham girl in a Ruthsdolls OOAK sundress made up especially for me from my material and Ruthsdolls folk art shoes.

1969 Gingham doll in a Ruthsdolls OOAK smocked outfit and JJ sandals.

Bea, a customised by Raven 1990s Gotz toddler Elke in dungarees by Evosoul.

6. Summer Clothing.

1990s Gotz pale skinned customised by Kelly Wenarsky doll wearing dungarees by Vintage-Sasha over a Polo shirt by Beverly S. with Ruthsdolls shoes.

1970 customised by Shelly Gregor in manufactured shorts and trainers, Ruthsdolls T shirt and Pinestreetstudios shirt and cap unknown.

1990s Gotz limited edition doll, Leon in a Vintage-Sasha dungaree outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1970/1 wide faced Gingham girl in a loose dungaree for coolness outfit bought off website with Dollies4u cloggs.

5. Summer Clothing.

1970 Trendon Gregor jeans in a casual, cool, cotton outfit by Beverley S. and manufactured trainers.

1960s my slightly older looking Gotz girl in a very smart hot pink smocked dress by Betsy-May and JJ sandals.

1960s crude yellow eyed Gotz wearing a peasant out fit by N.Gould and Ruthsdolls distressed boots.

1970/1 girl, one of the twins in a Ruthsdolls skirt and Sashawardrobe T Shirt outfit with JJ shoes and socks.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

4.Summer Clothing.

1969 wide faced girl in one of my very first Ruthdolls outfits, really pretty and fresh looking and seen here with JJ socks and sandals.

1969 Gregor Denims seen here in a put together by me outfit (polo jumper by Beverley S.) and manufactured trainers.

1960s slate eyed pony-tailed Gotz in a beautiful quality material smocked dress by Jill Mackley and JJ sandals.

1970 Gotz No-Navel girl wearing a lovely little Scotty Dog print smocked dress by Jill Mackley which suits her blonde colouring, manufactured socks and JJ sandals.

3. Summer Clothing.

Another favourite of my Sashas is this 1960s yellow eyed Gotz girl with a re-rooted fringe seen here a dainty pink/white seersucker smocked dress by Jill Mackley, JJ socks and shoes.

1967 NP, with the same style of eye painting as her sister seen below, wearing a summery shorts set by N.Gould and manufactured trainers.

1967 NP and one of my favourite dolls on account of her beautiful eye painting and modern bobbed hairstyle in a sweet little Ruthsdolls dress and manufactured sandals.

1966/7 Firdo NP in a OOAK Ruthsdolls brightly coloured combat trouser outfit and JJ flip flops.

2. Summer clothing continued.

1967 bunnette Gingham NP wearing a fresh looking lilac Vintage-Sasha trouser and top outfit and JJ sandals.

1960s slate eyed Gotz boy Fritz in a denim hat and shorts by N.Gould, T-shirt by Gotz, Tommy Hilfiger sleeveless denim hoodie, manufactured socks and JJ shoes.

1960s Gotz crude eyed girl in an outstanding Pinestreetstudio outfit and manufactured Dollfie school shoes.

1967 Developemental girl in a very smart new Vintage-Sasha prototype pinafore and manufactured Dollfie school shoes.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Summer clothing continued.

1971 Trendon girl sporting a smart shorts set by Pinestreetstudios and JJ sandals.

Belle, a 1970 Shelly customised Gregor seen here in an attractive Pinestreetstudio dungaree outfit and JJ sandals.

1960s Gotz pale skinned slate eyed wearing a Jill Mackley pretty smocked dress and JJ sandals.

1967 NP waif in an attractive Jill Mackley smocked dress and JJ sandals.