Friday, 27 May 2011

Lets have a bit of brightness to lighten up this rather 'fine rain' day here.

1967 Frido Dungaree or Ballet NP .(she has a full centre part) in a cheerful 'Frocks and Socks' smocked dress in a material depicting the now famous Three Bears story with JJ sandals and commercially made socks

1960s early Gotz slate eyed with 'a slightly older look' about her girl in a studio length hot pink from The House of Betsy-May smocked dress and JJ sandals.

As can be seen above both Jill and Mary are truly wonderfully neat 'smockers.'

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Two girls wigged with Global Cosette wigs display their choice of Summer clothing.

1969 Frido Pink Party girl, now wigged due to falling hair in a Global Cossette wig (unfortunately now discontinued) seen here in a Molly Sasha-Boutique outfit and JJ sandals.

Wearing a matching ribbon in her hair as a headband (as she has seen one of Dianne Lam's girls wearing.)

1972 Trendon girl and Global Cossette wig that I sent down to Shelly to customise for me wearing a limited edition Ruthsdoll's dress, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

Two more of the Sasha girls get changed into their Summer wear.

1966 Frido Ballet (but with a full centre parting) NP in a Sashawardrode Liberty Print dress, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

1970 Trendon wide faced Gingham girl in a OOAK Ruthsdoll's smocked dress, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Softer combinations of colours today.

My favourite little waif, a Frido/Trendon 1969/70 brunette Gingham girl, now wigged with a Monique cropped Peggy-Sue wig wearing a dress by Thelma/Molly of Sasha-Boutique with commercially made shoes and socks.

1966 Frido Developmental Dungaree girl in a 'Frocks and Socks' smocked seersucker dress, one of my very favourite of Jill's dresses here, and commercially made shoes and socks.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Another rather daring combination of colours.

Holly, my little 1960s Gotz highlight yellow eyed, red headed waif wearing a Ruthsdoll's homespun smocked dress and commercially made shoes and socks.

I must apologise for the creases in her dress from Winter storage as their clothing boxes are getting far too full and I never iron. (Need to have a sort out in these sometime soon.)

I just love her bobbed hairstyle. Tried to locate a matching ribbon in my ribbon box but was unsuccessful.

Definitely bright and cheerful....though maybe a bit too much for some of us. Love the smocking here. (I used to be able to do this but sadly no longer.)

Holly just adores going 'out and about' on adventures with me and is quite fearless when attempting dangerous poses.