Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Loreto College, Llandudno, our Mummy's boarding school.

I took Holly with me to show her the senior section of my old school. It was from this driveway that we came and went and daily visited the West Shore approximately a hundred metres away. On the left was the dining area with classroooms up above. The middle taller part with it's tall windows was the main hall and classrooms on top. Over to the right were more reception rooms on the ground floor and again bedrooms above which always had their windows open letting the uniform pale blue curtains billow out and the fresh sea air in.
Unfortunately, as you can see, it is no longer a school but a thriving Buisness Centre. The now tarmaced car park was once a 'forbidden to be trodden on by children' lucious green lawn'... like in the third photo.

The main entrance (the tall imposing wrought iron gates with the words Loreto College long gone) for parents and visitors with the main 'not for children' reception rooms. The sciece lab. on the right of the photo where I studied for my Chemistry, Zoolgy and Botany 'O' and 'A' levels. There was a chapel in the middle which has since had to be demolished due to expensive repair work needed and the new building that you now see has replaced this. We had our own resident retired Canon and attended chapel morning and night (with noon added on as well on Sundays!)

The junior school (known as 'Our Lady's' building) with it's own driveway was on the ground floor with the more of the bedrooms etc. above. (The Nun's own Convent was over to the right and can't be seen in this photo.)

Enjoying the West Shore Beach Llandudno.

Beth admiring the famous Alice in Wonderland marble statue on the West Shore, now unfortunately having to be fortified and protected in these later years from vandals.

Amy looking at the model boating lake (on the other side of the shore wall) where her mummy, when she was at boarding school here, used to jog from her school and round and then back every morning after breakfast but before school started, come rain. hail, snow or shine. Healthy days!

Gosh! So this beach/shore was almost like a second playground to you when you were at school just round the corner? Cool!

Mummy, is this then where you spent your school after lunch and tea hours just sitting and talking, paddling in the sea, playing five stones or 'Jacks' or just lying in the sun trying to get a tan in your later teens?

So basically these big concrete steps that run all along here acted as a break-water to prevent the sea going over the wall and onto the prom?

I know that there is a breeze blowing off the sea but is it warm enough yet for me to put my bathing costume on and have a little sunbathe?

This sand is soaking wet but how can you tell if it's from the tide coming in or going out?

Can I take my trainers off and go paddling in the sea yet?

Monday, 2 August 2010

On the West Shore at Llandudno.

Fritz and Amy exploring the rocks. You look a little lost Amy? Are you all right?

Hey guys! Come and look at this little crab. Bring your bucket and net Beth.

Beth armed with her fishing net and sandbucket ready for a little rock pool exploring.

Jac at the water's edge debating whether the waves are anywhere near large enough for a little surfboarding.

Where's my bucket and spade then?

Scary's (nicknamed this by Judith when she borrowed him for taking measurements for the new Dollydoodle sleep suits whilst waiting for her first Sasha baby to arrive because his unruly/untameable hair was rather scary looking ) first visit to the seaside.

Scary being more adventurous now crawling in amongst the rocks and wet seaweed.
What's this then? It's a sea creature called a Limpet that lives in the sea and clings to rocks.

Fritz enjoying himself in the middle of Llandudno Town.

Please can I have a ride on your back?
Yeah, Yeah! Whatever!

Hey everybody! Just look at me!


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Quick stop at Deganwy before continuing onto Conway.

A short stop here to have our afternoon tea of my homemade clotted cream and jam scones followed by a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream sitting on the shore of the pebbled Conwy estury whilst the Sashas scrambled on the smaller boats moored up out of the water.
Jac and Fritz view Conwy Castle and the two bridges that can just be seen on the far side. We had our yacht moored here in this estuary for the first years of our marriage.

....and finally onto Conway

Standing in the doorway of the smallest house in Great Britain was as far as Holly would go as she has only just come to live here with us and is still very shy.

Jac was feeling brave and scaled the anchor as far as he dared. The famous Conway Castle can be seen in the background.

I was surprised and delighted to see this attractive new Mussel Sculpture made from Kilkenny Limestone on the Quay.

Naturally the Sashas all wanted a go at seeing how high they could climb up it.... so out again came the camera.

Fearless Fritz lead the way followed by tomboy Amy.

Is it my turn now?

Can I have a go please?

Oh 'Scarey' please be careful that you don't fall. You really are high up.

Jac struggling to keep himself on this huge slippery metal buoy that was once used in the Conway Estury whilst I took his photo.

Fritz enjoying scrambling amongst the buoys and ropes used in the Mussel fishing just before we left for home.