Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hmmm! I smell chocolate

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Paula/Plum's Easter gift to the Brood

Whilst I have finally mastered my wordpress blog I still haven't got to grips with this blogspot due to their recent changes so I'm redirecting you (if you'd like to click on the link below) to take you to my latest post.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Redirecting you to...........

I feel that the time has now come when I should be standing on my own two feet and not asking my wonderful friend Sarah to re-size and download my photos onto my blog for me. She assures me that it's no trouble but I know that it is so have spent most of yesterday struggling to master both my blogs but am only having success with the Wordpress one that my daughter set me up with at Christmas when Blogger were messing around and my followers couldn't leave any comments. I'm still unable to re-size the photos on this blog so that they automatically show up in the large format so until I master that skill I'll have to hopefully redirect you to my Wordpress version by clicking on the link below.

I sincerely hope that I don't lose any of you wonderfully supportive Sasha followers due to this. Meanwhile I'll still keep on trying to learn how it is done here.
Sasha love from a very stressed and frustrated with her lack of IT skills, Kendal.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My birthday cards

Here are my lovely birthday cards. Many thanks to all of you who so kindly sent them. (Please left click on the photo to enlarge it. I'm still trying to master the skills needed to add the photos in already in a large format.)

My very first Sasha jumper

This is my very first Sasha jumper that my local Sasha and teacher friend beautifully knitted for my dolls back 'in the the years (1997) when I was young/er'..... Photobucket
.....and shown here against my new improvised backcloth (a sheet of wrapping paper found in our local post office for 99pence) having recently admired Shelly's new graffiti wall backcloth. (Nowhere near as nice I agree but will do for the present.)

In my early Sasha collecting years there weren't many Sasha seamstresses around and they certainly weren't available over the internet. Ruth Hartley was the only one that I remotely knew of then and as I hadn't a computer myself it wasn't easy to contact her. A few years later at the age of 62 with the money that my father gave me for my 60th birthday I got a laptop and joined the Sasha_Mart and Sasha-L where I managed to get a copy of the Golden Hands knitting pattern for this cable knit jumper. Photobucket

Kate, who I had just helped start on her Sasha collecting offered to knit me one up. Even though she was following the instructions to a 'T' it turned out a little larger than we had expected but nevertheless we were 'over the moon' with it. My Sashas and Gregors both took turns in wearing it over the original denim Trendon jeans. 'We' thought we were as the expression goes...'the cat's pyjamas!' Photobucket

I have teamed it here with some Dollydoodle's leggings and a vintage-sasha beret borrowed from another outfit and a pair of lilac converses. Photobucket Much appreciated thanks Sarah for these re-sizings and yesterday's helpful phone call concerning the Blogger changes.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Another Birthday Present Arrives

I'm not sure if I can cope with this latest Blogger change at my age and with my limited IT skills but will have a go today but it is definitely making my mind up now to completely abandon here and take Kendal's Sasha Brood over to my wordpress blog for good. Photobucket
Here we have my recently bought 1968 Single Fringe real waif girl wearing one of Thelma's/Molly's lovely little cardi's given to me by Susan Bugler Pomeroy for a second birthday present. A million/trillion thanks Susan for giving us such another gorgeous gift as well as the very pretty vintage-sasha dress outfit.
I have popped it over a Pinestreetstudio dress and beret to combat these rather chilly winds that we have been having of late after those three lovely weeks of Summer weather back in March.
I am rather 'taken' with this side view photo showing the full cardigan in greater detail.
I have teamed it up with commercially manufactured socks and shoes to bring out the cardigans multi-colours of deep reds, oranges, greys and a hint of black.
I am 'over the moon' Susan with your superb choices of Sasha clothing which must have really challenged you somewhat considering that you haven't any of the Sasha girls yourself as you only collect the Sasha babies....although I know that ONE lone Gregor has crept in along the way.
Photobucket Tons of thanks to Sarah who not only had to list the resized photos but spend a GOOD deal of time trying to sort me out with all this new Blogger format.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My first dress from..........

....Francis (eBay ID egdonbooks) and shown here on my 1966 Frido Developmental Jeans/Farmpants girl.


She is seen in the two photos below againgst my new trial textured background using Ted Menten's advice, help and instructions.


My apologies here Francis as it looks like I haven't done up the top press stud at the neck....(but for those who have seen my now completely curled inwards crippled Arthritic hands will understand just how hard it is for me to do these little things.)


Back to my usual grey backcloth and showing the two little mother of pearl carved buttons that are stitched to the bodice.


Francis describes this as 'an old fashioned sort of dress made out of patchwork using Liberty Print cotton pieces (possible vintage?) and toning silks.'


I have teamed it with my OOAK JJ navy Mary-Jane shoes and tan socks to bring out the dress' colouring.


Loving the little floral collar.


Apologies for the usual unwanted stray hairs across her face. Unfortunately these are fast becoming my unwanted trade mark as even now after all this time I completely forget to try to brush them aside before photographing.


Millions of thanks again Sarah.
(There might not be any listings here tomorrow or the next few days as Sarah/Esme's computer has decided not to co-operate or in fact even start up. Good luck with hopefully getting it seen to or repaired in the meantime.)