Saturday, 12 June 2010

Come on England!

The England flags are flying at the Hackney House!

Ross puts the flags on the car.

Ross enjoying the fluttering of the flags before finally going indoors to watch the match on the TV.

Come in now Ross as it's about to start. Bring the popcorn and Coca Cola with you on your way through.

9. Summer clothing changing.

1971 wide faced Gingham girl in a Sashawardrobe sleeveless Liberty Print dress using the Migros pattern and JJ flip-flops.

1969 waif in a trimmed Monique Peggy-Sue wig wearing a Pinestreetstudio skirt, Ruthsdolls blouse, JJ sandals and very finally knitted socks by Bettina.

A 1960s large headed slate eyed Gotz girl that originally came to me mint in box seen here in a OOAK Ruthsdolls dress and Dollfie school shoes.

1967 Dungaree NP wearing a Sashawardrobe liberty Print dress made from the Migros pattern and socks by Dayzees and JJ sandals.

1970/1 Gregor with eyes customised by Shelly and sporting a Monique Stephanie wig wearing a Jill Mackley bumble-bee print dress and manufactured shoes and socks.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Stop press news! Dollydoodles T-Shirts just about to be launched onto the market.

Jac modelling one of these beautifully styled and made T-shirts especially for Gregor/Sasha by Judith of Dollydoodles and will be made in a whole range of colours. They open halfway down the back to allow for ease over the head and fasten with two tiny press studs. Long sleeved versions will shortly be available too. An E sample card of the available materials is in the process of being constructed.

8. Summer clothing.

1972 customised Sasha by Shelly in a OOAK sundress by Ruthsdolls from my own material and JJ flip-flops and manufactured straw boater.

1966 Developmental girl with eyes hand painted by a Manchester art student wearing Pinestreetstudio Capris and a top purchased off eBay and JJ flip-flops..

Early to mid 70s doll with trimmed fringe ready for a visit to the beach in her Pinestreetstudio outfit, Trendon socks and JJ sandals.

1960s slate eyed Gotz waif with a cut fringe wearing an attractive outfit by N.Gould (I think!) and JJ bar shoes.