Saturday, 16 April 2011

More 70th Birthday Presents.

A lovely fresh and pretty looking eseascaper dress and pants set by Nikita from Sarah Price seen here on my 1969 Frido wide faced Gingham girl teamed with manufactured socks and JJ sandals. Many, many thanks Sarah for such a delightful present and as it suits so many of my Sasha girls I feel that it will have to be shared.

Rosie Shortell gave me this delighful and exquisitly smocked by her Sasha dress which was recently featured in the 'Double Take article' in the Sasha World magazine as being a copy of the dress she once made for her young daughter. Rosie's favourite of all my dolls, a 1969 Frido Gingham girl, is wearing it here as it brings out the blue/grey colour of her eyes. I feel very honoured to now be the proud owner of such an heirloom so many, many thanks Rosie for giving me such a wonderful Shortell family item. I can assure you that it will be treasured forever.

A much needed waterbutt from my brothers so that I can water my Runner Beans this summer with pure rain water. I shall be expecting a 'bumper' crop this year then. Many thanks.


  1. Fabulous photos as always Kendal. Very useful water butt. I could do with one of those for my garden as well.

  2. Love the water butt and have them too and your presents are really wonderful.
    Little Stevie in particular! xx

  3. Lovely dresses on your girls Kendal. This is my first encounter with a water butt. I am guessing it captures rainfall and stores it until you are ready to water your garden? How wonderful!
    Your birthday presents are amazing and very thoughtful. I especially like the book your daughter designed and the wrapping is fantastic too. She has her mother's good eye for design and color :)