Saturday, 4 September 2010

My Sasha Dolls displayed around my home.

The living room although there are still several more photos to add
Ian guarding Fritz's motor bike whilst he is 'out and about' somewhere.

Sideboard in dining area.

Two small corner table displays on either side of the living room by the two double settees.

Dolls that have need attention or have just been attended to for one reason or another (clothing changes, hair restyled or shoes tried on) on the pouffee next to where I sit.

Display on the nest of tables that separate the dining from the living areas.

Mainly NPs and an odd baby or two on the antique pine chest as you enter the living room.

The Hallway.


  1. Your dolls and your home are truly beautiful... what wonderful props for them... love the prams and the rocking horse... amazing...

  2. Kendal to me your home is just bliss.
    Peaceful, serene and most of all - full of Sashas and my very excellent friend! xx