Monday, 4 January 2010

Sasha's Xmas clothes gifts.

We are still wondering what we have done to deserve these fabulous Christmas gifts from our Uncle Steve. He says that he is thrilled that our mummy through her blog and telephone calls has finally encouraged him to change his Sasha collection from their original outfits into home clothing. He sent us this superb Vintage-Sasha prototype new length coat with toning trousers and worn here with Ruthsdolls shoes. Tons of thanks.

During one telephone conversation our mummy happened to mention that she loved this trendy hat. The next minute we knew of was that it was sent to us along with the complete outfit as a Christmas present! Aren't we the lucky ones? A BIG thank you Uncle Steve. A Christine Durand outfit we think with JJ shoes.

A delightful little smock and pants baby outfit from Auntie Ruth .. who well knows that our mummy has gone 'mad' on buying Sasha babies this year! Thank you very much Auntie Ruth. We just love wearing your baby outfits and as one song says 'Nobody does it better!'

Seen here with tights from The Doll Works for added leg protection when crawling on the cold floors.

And a Sashawrdrode fleece for extra warmth when going outside.

A very smart unisex sweater and beanie hat knitted in sock wool for us by our Auntie Kate worn here with Denim jeans from eBay, a warm quilted gillet and Ruthsdolls shoes. We love it thank you.

Another beautifully knitted unisex sweater and hat by Kate Smith worn with some eBay trousers and Ruthsdolls shoes. Thank you Auntie Kate.

Our mummy missed seeing this Sashadollstyle outfit before it was already sold so she asked Nikki if she could make us up another blouse and modern cardigan to go with the trousers that we already had here. Thanks Auntie Nikki. Trousers by Sashadollstyle and boots by Ruthsdolls.

We have been wanting and wishing for a full length pair of black leggings for quite some time since they came into fashion so a big thank you to eBay ID Evesoul for making and giving us this pair.

Leggings worn here with a Daydeeze dress, Trendon Gregor belt and Ruthsdolls slip on shoes.
We are now going to be allowed to search through all the Sasha clothes boxes to find suitable and exciting tops to go with them.
Boy, are we going to have some fun so watch this space!

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  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    I really like Christine Durands knitting and was only brought to the attention of it by Aunty Ellen in America and it is lovely.
    I think the jeans on the first boy and his jumper are just FAB and would love to know where the jeans are from please?
    Super kids and clothing Kendal.
    Love as usual Sarah xx