Monday, 4 January 2010

My daughter's Xmas presents from me.

Christmas stockings continue to play an important part in our family. Being Roman Catholics we had, in the old days to fast from midnight on Christmas Eve if we wanted to receive Holy Communion at the 9.30 Christmas Day Mass so we were only allowed to open our small stocking gifts (these contained no food in case we forgot the fasting rule and were tempted) before going to church. When we arrived back home we had to eat our usual full English breakfast, which incidently was always taken in reverse, bacon, eggs and fried bread etc. BEFORE the cereals (because my brothers would always fill themselves up with the these and then not be able to eat the main course. It has remained in this order with most of us ever since having become so used to ending the meal with the favourite cereals) before any of the main presents under the tree were opened.
My daughter's stocking this year included a wide range of Mac Christmas limited edition makeup and a tool in the shape of a little wine bottle to keep in the handbag that opened up providing many useful devices such as a bottle opener, cockscrew, knife, screw-driver etc.

A few little gifts (a personalised laptray with a photo of her playing Polo, notelets and address labels with the same photo, a Damask wine napkin embroidered with her house name, to name but a few) to sweeten her rather uninteresting main present of her house and contents insurance.

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