Tuesday, 5 January 2010

....and finally WE have the SNOW!

Hurry up everyone. Every minute of snow counts!

We just love it when it snows! Come on, where are you all? I'm getting bored waiting for you!

I think that I'll try climbing this snow covered tree whilst I'm waiting for you all to get togged-up.

Please can I borrow the sledge for a few minutes?

Hello Moosie. How are you coping in these minus degree temperatures?

Now where's the nearest best bank or slope for sledging?

So this is REAL snow and NOT the white towel backcloth. Gosh! It's COLD on my bottom!

Oh dear yet MORE wet clothes for me to dry!

You look as if you are having a fun time in your nice warm coat!

1 comment:

  1. Kendall, You are having WAY too much fun!! I want to come and live with you so we can go out and play together!
    Our first snow is due in here on Thursday - guess I'd better look for some warm clothes for the kids. Your pictures and your outfits are just fantastic -- I do so enjoy each and every one of them. Thanks once again for sharing.

    Hugs, Betty