Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wishing my daddy, Steve Kingaby a very happy Father's Day.

So sorry that I haven't sent you a card today Daddy so thought that you might like to see these photos of me instead.


  1. I feel very honoured and i am also very red with embarrassssment, lol. Thank you Kendal and baby Stevie! Your oictures have just put a big smile on my face! You truely are a good friend Mrs Hackney!
    Thank you once again!
    With much love Steve XXXX

  2. Oh, baby Stevie, you put us to shame with your lovely photos. All we managed for our Dad was a book token. This is so much more personal.
    Petey aka Gotz Alan

  3. Yes Steve you deserve the best of fathers day as you have been a father to many and still are.
    You are a PROPER father. Taking the rough with the rougher and making it all smooth out.
    Kendal only honours a really good friend and I, for one, am so pleased to have you in my life too.
    Well done Kendal xx