Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Sporty Gregors. First page of another of my favourite Sasha World contributions.

Don't forget that by clicking on each photo it will come up on the left in a larger size and then by clicking on this you can view it in full screen size. (I particularly love the nature reserve fishing scenes in the extra large format.)

Iain is wearing The Doll Work's David Beckham replica football kit (and Ross's blue football wear is by Beverly S.)

Iain and Ross play football on the Manchester University Alsager Campus. This educational site is less than a kilometre away from where I live and was where I trained to be a teacher many years ago in the 'good old days.'

Jac enjoying being on his skate board at Alsager skate park.

He wears commercially manufactured shorts,trainers and T shirt and his skate board, helmet and protective accessories were all bought off eBay.

Jac in his commercially made cycling gear and Doll Works shoes getting ready to peddle off to his cycling proficiency training course.

James waiting for The Alsager School to open the tennis courts for his private tennis coaching lesson.

Page one of 'My Sporty Gregors' article.

White Water Rafting sport shown in the centre.


  1. Really enjoyed these and learning thats where you did your teacher training Kendal.
    I feel sorry for teachers these days.
    My boys have their skateboards and would love to know where to get the protective pads and helmets from. May we ask?

  2. I'm really quite fond of that Beckman
    football uniform...awesome! Enjoyed how each one was dressed with such detail...including the safety-wear/gear. All your Gregors made me smile...with their life-like looks and poses. Too cute!

  3. Wonderful sporting photos! Iain is quite the "hunk" in the Beckman jersey. I love the shots of Jac and he certainly has a very determined look on his face while riding the skateboard. What a competitor and he is sure to win :)

  4. Its so nice to see the boys having a bit of fun, as they tend to get over looked in favour of the girls, lol.
    Love Steve x