Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sally admiring mummy's Princess Elizabeth Clematis.

My Uncle Steve is always mentioning to mummy that she doesn't take enough photos of me so here I am again!

The first two flowers this year on our Princess Elizabeth Clematis.

I like the way it uses the Firethorn plant to support itself as it climbs although it must 'prick' ityself on the thorns.

Mummy was struggling with the breeze as well as the full sunlight as she was afraid that I might take a tumble from this great height whilst she had her hands full with the camera.

This is mummy's favourite of these photos with the sun both on my face and the flower.

Wonder if the flowers have a perfume?


  1. A lovely post this morning to cheer me up. Should have been at yoga, but just too sore and stiff this morning and didn't want to repeat last weeks disaster. She really is lovely, and certainly looks like she 'taking time to smell the flowers'.

  2. I loved smelling flowers as a little girl and still do and these are such beautiful pictures.
    Uncle Steve is right as she is super xx

  3. So glad to see that Sally has come out to the garden to look at you lovely Princess Elizabeth clematis. We better mind she doesn't get to much sun with that fair skin of her's!
    Love Steve XXX

  4. Sally is lovely and so is your clematis. Wonderful photos :)