Wednesday, 15 June 2011

....And now for the babies.

I just love these Usborne touchy-feely books and regularly give them as presents to my new great nephews and nieces. This one featured here is called 'That's not my Puppy' and is the very first in the series. Here it is being enjoyed by baby, Amelia, a very early Trendon Nightdress girl who has been re-rooted by Lisa Hartley due to falling hair.

That's not my puppy. It's coat is too hairy.

That's not my puppy. It's tail is too fluffy.

Amelia is wearing a dress and shorts set by sasha*smiles.

That's not my puppy. It's paws are too bumpy.

That's not my puppy. It's collar is too shiny.

That's not my puppy. It's ears are too shaggy.

That's my Puppy....

His nose is so squashy.

I recently bought 'That's not my Tractor' but unfortunately had to give it away to a one year old great nephew before I had time to photograph the baby boys reading and feeling it BUT have the 'That's not my Santa' as a surprise for them at Christmas. Luckily my Sasha Brood have inherited my love of Children's books from my primary school teaching years.


  1. Nothing better than a love of books and combining it with a love of Sasha. Gosh what a perfect combination.

  2. Reading is wonderful and everything can be learned from it.
    Books should be a kids best friend - with a Sasha or Gregor of course! Weren't the puppies wonderfully well behaved? xx

  3. Its lovely to see your babies taking an interest in books Kendal! The pictures are fab as always!
    Love Steve XXxx