Thursday, 31 March 2011

Variations on a theme.

From the looks of things there has been a bit of swapping around/mix and matching just recently amongst some of my Dollydoodle leisure suited girls.

As Judith of Dollydoodles commented yesterday it looks as if you have been rather 'greedy' and snatched up TWO of the Hoodies to wear at once... but I do feel that it gives you the 'layered cool' look that is so popular at the moment. I also like the way you have used the JJ boots since there were no more lilac or white convereses available.

My apologies for the rather non too neat fringe 'sweeping over' as I still haven't located their hairbrush since the big tidy up and pushed into 'any available out of sight' space before my going into hospital.

A Ruthsdoll's Polo jumper has been added here to give a layered look.

This white Hoodie has been taken from the purple spotted leggings outfit from above to 'lighten up' the black leggings for the Spring.

Just adore this photo of my favourite waif Frido girl. I always think that should the worst come to the worst and I could only keep just ONE of my Sasha Dolls she would be THE one, as she is so versitile as having had her hair shorn before arriving here,she can change her personality with her various wigs.

I'm not sure that Jac is going to be too pleased wghen he sees you wearing his joggers and Hoodie (but I must admit that it does suit you) BUT I should do up your shoe lace in case you trip over it and fall and hurt yourself.

This teal Hoodie certainly enhances your eyes (painted for Frido by a Manchester Art Student) and the floral leggings (instead of your original black pair) brightens and brings a Spring-like look to the outfit.

I just love you in this pale pink Hoodie and swapping your pink UGG boots for these converses makes you look more Spring-like.


  1. Your Frido waif is a sweetheart. She has a very real look about her, just like a little girl, serious and thoughtful one minute and mischievous the next.
    The Dollydoodles joggers and tops are very versatile too - I must save up - one outfit only would cause Sasha warfare here, so I'll need at least half a dozen!

  2. So Kendal... WHAT are you going to call your Frido waif girl?
    She is lovely and I also love the teal with the eyes of the other repaint girl.
    I think Doods outfits are super and want more!!
    Love Sarah and Cleo xx